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    Cabela's North American Adventures - freezing

      Has anyone else experience freezes with North American Adventures for XBox 360?

      I have gone through the Career, all the way to the final zone with no problems.  Then, once I completed the finale episode, I received the achievement for collecting all scopes.  I clicked the A button to continue, and it went to the save screen.  There, it froze.  My XBox 360 locked up, and I had to do a hard shut down.  When I reloaded the system, I went back into the game and found the last mission was listed as incomplete.  I again went through the last mission, went to the save screen following it, and it again froze.

      I went back into the game after restarting the system and turned off the auto-save.  I played the mission a third time.  Finished the mission, got the results, clicked A.  The game went to the LOADING screen, and froze after about 10 seconds with LOADI on the screed.

      I went back to play two other missions where I did not have A+ rankings.  At the same place in the loading screen following the missions, the system froze and I had to shut down.

      I have tried installing the game to the XBox 360 hard drive with the same results.  I have tried with Autosave on and off.  In every case, the game freezes while trying to reload the main menu.  As it stands, I cannot finish the game.

      Has this happened to anyone else?