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    The War Is Over (again)!

      The war is finally over (again). As new games come out on Tuesdays, the PM has declared National Sovereignty Day (again). The US is pulling troops out of major cities (again). This hasn’t happened since January 1st.

      January 1, 2009 is indeed a memorable day in the history of Iraq and for the people of that nation.
      So memorable and important, in fact, that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has proposed that each January 1 be officially celebrated as "Sovereignty Day," in addition to the traditional New Year's holiday.
      In case you missed it, responsibility for a major portion of Iraq's security has been officially handed over to the Iraqi government. That includes Baghdad's "Green Zone"

      -- John Lillpop

      It is our right to consider this day the day of sovereignty and the beginning of the process of retrieving every inch of our nation's soil.

      -- Nuri al-Maliki at Jan 1st ceremony.

      News reporters have suggested that militant attacks will increase to make it look like US forces were driven out, but heightened local security makes that unlikely. Also, US forces are not withdrawing so much as relocating to less populated areas that do not have a strong police presence. More US casualties are likely. A fresh batch of civilian "consultants" was already sent in last week.
      Way to do nothing and get credit, Obama.