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    Night Vision Goggles.....Really!?!?

      i'm sorry but i do not feel like spending 69.99 for NVG in the PE bundle. i would rather go to the nearest hunting/who ever sells them store and buy a pair.(but i wont). just because it has the "IW" and "MW2" logos on it makes no difference. but some people may think differently. i just pre-ordered the hardened edition. 79.99 is a good deal since it comes with a COD1 redeem code for arcade. thats enough for me anyway( prestige edition has this too) or you could just but the regular game for 69.99,but who would??(it's 69.99 cause im in canada)

      PS. will anyone even use the NVG??, i wouldn't. i would be too busy playing the future GOTY game that it came with it.