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    You're addicted to zombies if................

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      Forget swine flu, or mad cow disease. We have a new pandemic.
      Mystery Box madness!!!!!!!
      It's a devastating new illness that brings about extreme nerdines, and dorkness. In layman's terms, it's an opposition of the Nazi Zombie games.  It may not sound bad, but people that are addicted to it, can, and in 95% of the time become violent and angry. Many people have actually been killed by these maniacs. Anything can start them up, saying things like, Call of Duty is lame, zombie games suck, you're a nerd, you're a dork, you can't get a girlfreind, ect.
      So here is how to tell if you, or someone you know has it.      


      -Shaking of extremities when you hear the the words, box, and/or mystery

      -Increased heart rate when you hear a little kids toy

      -Sweating of the hands, feet, and head

      -The desire to run away from the group at any given time, and without reason

      -The need to cuss at a teddy bear when you can't find something.

      -Getting excited when you hear someone talking about alien technology 

      -You're attracted to shiny things, and lightning

      -You get scared by dogs

      -You want to join the Illuminati, and/or Red Army

      -You see dead people hanging from the rafters

      -You pick up the phone and expect music

      -You flush the toilet 3 times in a row, and hope to hear music

      -You hate maggots and sacks

      -You get mad when you see a bolt-action

      -You can't stop thinking about meteors

      -You draw weapons on the wall of your house

      -You listen to the radio thinking it's a secret message

      -You now the words to the all the Perk-a-Cola songs

      -You know what a root-beer shelf is

      -You know what the Die Glocke experiments are

      -You want a soda machine in your room

      -You ask for Quick Revive Soda when you go to a restaurant

      -You run to a corner when you hear dogs bark

      -You shot your neighbors dog

      -You shot your dog

      -You go from gun store to gun store looking for a Wonder Weapon

      -After playing the game, you bought the Zombie Survival Guide: By Max Brooks

      -You boarded your windows

      -You like the word, "glitch"

      -You never go in the water. Because it slows you down

      -You never sleep

      -You never eat

      -You never take a dump

      -You're working on designs for a flogger at the end of your driveway

      -You hate K Bar knifes

      -You just bought a $3,000 dollar bowie knife

      -If something makes you mad, you cuss at it, shoot it, then tea-bag it

      -You're in love with your friend Bettie

      -You befriended a Russian, a Jap, and a German in 1 day

      -You think anyone better than you is a glitcher, and thus hate them even though you glitch

      -You like .357's

      -You tell everyone about how you can survive over 40 rounds on zombies, even if you can't

      -You like to set thing on fire

      -You like to watch the blood spurt

      -You saw the fountain of blood

      -You have a sodden obsession over Vodka

      -You mix Vodka and Soda

      So remember, if you see anyone that fits this, call police so the person can be monitored.
      So stay safe, and stay strong!

      Feel free to add your own!!!!!!!!