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    Hello FAILarch - Can you fix my game please?

      For those of you unable to grasp the concept of a thread thats not about the MP40, Weekend Warrior or Badges then please look away.

      Dear FAILarch

      The game is broke. It has been since patch 1.02. I just checked my game box and it says "Vehicle based multiplayer action" but you took the tanks away. Don't worry, I have crossed this sentance out on my box to make things updated.

      I would like to play this game with my PSN friends but I can't connect to alot of them. The ones that I can connect to seem to get lost in the lobby wilderness or end up in the opposing team.

      I realise that you are busy with an add on bonus game to be bothered about the main game which we all brought it for. Those visits to Raccoon Cityâ„¢ and Wolfensteinâ„¢ seem to have paid off. Sorry, have I gone 'off topic'?

      The UFO flying glitch is now in your game, along with an increased amount of connection interuptions and none existant hit detection.


      "Hey JD, lets push out map pack 3 quickly and those PS3 n00bcakes and their constant whining will be brushed under the carpet"

      "Good idea! I concur! We are all 360 fanboys anyway so who cares what they think"


      Kids, forum elders, big shots etc etc - flame away.....
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