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    Telixion Theory

      The Tunguska meteor. It came from somewhere and it contained the element 115. But it did not crash land. There was no impact. It just appeared! As if to teleport. The government wanted that ability to teleport. If they could teleport their soldiers to the enemy it would be the greatest achievement in military warfare. So  Dr Maxis and his assistant Dr. Edward Richtofen having great knowledge went to work on using this Element 115.

      Dr. Maxis had his daughter with him alot. So she knew Edward Richtofen. As if he was her uncle. He has a sort of obsession with Teddy bears so Dr. Maxis' daughter would refer to Edward as Teddy.

      Trail and Error was really the only way of learning to use Element 115. They knew that so instead of dealing with humans directly they first focused there experiments to dogs. The experiments took time to master. When they would use this element 115 without the correct concentration of power it would pretty much just explode the victim - which gave them ideas to work on the DG-2 - and when they did get it right nothing worked as it was supposed to. Instead of going through the starting machine and reappearing at the destination machine. The dogs seemed to just dissapear.

      Humans and dogs of course have different genetic make-up. The calculatons the did to the dogs - to their knowledge - should have been working perfectly. But it wasnt. So they started to do it to the humans. The tests were %100 successfull. The subjects would teleport to the destination exactly as they wanted them to. However the subject would not be normal. They would come out of the teleportation in a zombie like state. Becoming very voilent.