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    HOLY CRAP! Did that really just get said??

      Der Riese is filled with absolutely hilarious quotes, so I have played excessively, and gone through numerous posts to create this list, which will be updated as new ones are added via comments.

      feel free to comment, add new quotes and just have a good laugh. My favourites are highlighted in yellow, and as you will be able to tell, Richtofen and Nikolai are my favourites.

      Tank Dempsey

      "Hi im Dempsey, and you are DEAD!"

      "Stop trying to hump the stuffed monkey Richtofen!"(when Richtofen uses monkey bomb)

      "Monkey see, monkey go blow some **** up." (After getting the Monkey Bomb)

      "Why is no one killing these things?"

      "zzzzzt AWESOME BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT" (when using the Wonderwaffe)

      "Hey look, it's Richtofen's brother."  (After getting the Monkey Bomb)

      "Eat it, mother FUC*ER!"

      "Pack-A-Punch, musta been named after ME, heheh!"

      "I know you werent laughing at me, mother****er!!!"

      "Did anyone tell you that you laugh like a girl?"

      "SUCK IT!"

      "OWNED" (after a few head shots)

      "oorah oorah OORAH!"


      "find your own window you FUC*ING retard!"

      "the weapon i used to kill second wife..it was accident" (After getting the PTRS-41)

      "balls check,...vodka check,...ok I'm good!"

      "Oh my god...I think it makes Vodka!" (in reference to the PaP machine)

      "I'm killing them, you're killing them, even the FUC*ING Doc's killing them.

      "We much keep an eye on this Takeo... there is something very odd about that boy..."

      "He got Fuc*ed by a monkey".

      "Hey you, with no arms, FU*K you!"

      "I need more vodka... I mean ammo!" ~Nikolai

      "Hey, I just made a pet! I'll take him for a walk for 5 minutes whilst you all d*ck about" (after making a crawler)

      "Nikolai likes his bacon CRISPY!!" (After torching multiple zombies at once)

      Doctor Richtofen

      "Dempsey, do you not feel concerned that the monkey has more brains than you?"

      "The Doctor prescribes you.... PAIN!!"

      "I will cut an apple with this! Ones ADAM'S APPLE!"
      (After purchasing a Bowie Knife)

      "If i remember correctly we must now link this to the mai- i mean what is this it's so confuzing!!"

      "Everyone stand back ze docter is operating"

      "That must have been what Dempsey's mother felt like after giving him birth!" (After getting a headshot with a PaP'd weapon)

      "I long to bathe naked...IN YOUR BLOOD!!!"

      "Stumpy was rude to ze Doctor, so Stumpy payed ze price!!" (After killing a dismembered zombie)

      "Doctor recommends Amputation!"


      "I choose you monkey bomb" (After throwing one)

      "My ancestors, will have to wait for my arrival" (When revived)

      "Nikolai has monkey. Monkey is smarter of the two."

      As with the game itself, this thread has an easter egg. If you read this far, here you go and have fun laughing at this:


      Thanks for reading!