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    New Zombie Ideas for perks drops and gun accesories???

      Im just curious if im the only person that thinks it would be amazing to have a seperate box for gun upgrades such as scopes, large clips exc. or maybe even a room where they can be purchased off the walls. I also have had ideas for zombie drop-ables such as something as an instant clip reload "insta-clip" or one that may restore perks that you could have lost when you were downed called "restoration", or one that may increase your charecters speed for a minute or so called "sprints" idk just ideas.  Also a way to upgrade your grenade number from 4 to 6 maybe for say 10000 points, or monkeys from 3 to 4 or 5 for 25000 points would be cool too. I also thought it would be sweet if the zombies were a bit more clumsey tripping and falling up or down stairs or on each other when in large groups..I donno this is just a few of my ideas and I figured it would be sweet to see what others had to say. Thanks for reading gamers let me know what you think.

      What are your zombie ideas?!
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          nice man i agree with the box and the zombie clumsiness and also some new guns!
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            i have loads of ideas lol =]

            1. perks in random box

            2. extreme conditioning energy drink 3500

            3. bandoleir drink 3000

            4.incineration tanks that stay on for 10 minutes and attract all zombies in a certain radius but can only be activated from inside the tank so someone has to sacrafice themselves for the team it should cost 5000 and like the fence needs time to recharge like 10 minutes again. just an idea lol

            5. also a vest buyable of the wall for 15,000 that lets you hold 3 weapons 8 frags 6 monkies and 4 claymores and 4 c4

            6. c4 buyable of wall for 1000 and is basically same as claymore

            7. able to put bowie in pack a punch and if takeo he gets a samurai sword if nikoli a sickle if dempsey a meat cleaver and if doc a scalple or something like that = ]

            8. a perk that allows you to take weapons to the grave so you spawn with em not perks tho it should cost 6000

            9. THE TYPE 99

            10. if you get revived you should keep your perks

            11. abbility to share points but at a cost i think maybe on a wall there should be like a little allcove or something which you go up to and press x and for a cost of 600 points it puts 1500 of your points in the wall then another player can come withdraw all the cash in there by pressing another button

            12. an acheivement called fetch that is kill a dog with the springfeild lol yes i implied the springfeild is a stick lol =]

            13. a cut scene showing you how they got from der reise to the next map

            14. a new drop called all up that when you get it all downed players are instantly revived and dead are spawned
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              Great ideas, i want a tank and a triple 25.
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                oh ye a tank would be great could you imagine the points you would get for blasting a horde of zombies back to hell lol = ] but treyarch wont cos zombies cant kill you if your in a tank lol = ] but would be cool = ] maybe upgraded panzer could be a tank lol = ] hahaha = ]
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                  The box idea is a good one, especially the extended clip! I quite like the thought of a drop item like insta-freeze where all zombies literally freeze where they are for a period of 30 seconds or so, giving you time to either kill them or start linking teleporters/buying weapons, etc. before they defrost.
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                    There should be killer teddy bears which jump on your head.
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                      insta freeze why didnt i think of that = ] probly best idea posted yet = ] i think flame should defrost them instead of killing them lol =]

                      also killer teddy bears lol =] i actually like this idea tho lol =] i think they should spawn on the backs of random zombies and then jump over the zombies head onto you to kill you =]

                      also how about a weapon that heats up like the flame but freezes zombies =]

                      how about a perk called support squad or something but maybe instead of it been a perk it could be a radio where you can radio in support and 4 computer players spawn and stay untiull they die if they are downed they can be revvived and also they can revive you and basically do everything you can including use random and that and it should cost 10,000 to use and they should spawn with two random weapons anything from colt to mg kar to ray anything

                      how about a perk that is customized for each character like a vodka machine that gives nikoli super human powers lol =] haha

                      also on a random round the lights should flash and the bear should rise into the sky and scream something then your screan should go black and then you hear the screams of zombies and the light comes back on and the other two characters depending on who yoiu are playing should be kicking takeo's head in in the corner just because he is takeo lol =] and he is never good at anything he dosnt even have a good quote lol = ] haha =]
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