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    Awesome Clan Tags?!

      Everyone by now knows about the following:
      ,=,e     (Turtle)
      a`=`  (upside down turtle, not popular but i made it as a joke and thought it was kinda funny...  anyone agree?)
      .=./    (not so popular, but if you cant tell its a shopping cart, or at least i think it is)
      / *)>   (Penguin?)
      BOST    (btw, boosters should be banned)
      :]+<     (Person)

      Kinda curious what other people have that might not exactly be catching on...

      Mine is BoAR which stands for Bolt Action Rifle, recently I've been trying to challenge myself by using Bolts with bayonets in search and deathmatch games so I found it quite fitting.  (I kinda like it too)

      What's your clan tag? and what does it mean or symbolize?