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    How would a World War I Call of Duty go down?

      I played Nazi Zombies a lot for WaW (probably more than I even played the multiplayer). For some reason, a few days ago, I started thinking what a World War I Call of Duty would look like. Now, the largest issue seems to be that in even a semi-realistic Great War game, the player is going to be stuck in a trench with gas masks and a bayonet. Any attempt to cross No Man's Land would result in the player and his team getting mowed down by the defense and vica versa.

      Weapon Classes

      Now, I figure that since a standard game would be 6v6 or 9v9 on multiplayer, the above scenario wouldn't happen (often). Another issue would be weapons. Bolt Action rifles would be the standard (plus bayonet). However, there would also be early sniper rifles and light machine guns (and flamethrowers). The issue is that most players will try to opt for the light machine gun. This could be resolved by making machine guns something you must set down first before shooting. Which means getting into a trench, setting up a nest, and getting ready.

      The other answer could be to make stationary machine gun nests but those never seem to be popular.

      Next, there's the thing about snipers. Assuming that the machine gun issue is handle in one of the ways described above, many players may try to go for the sniper since it's pretty much a bolt action rifle with a scope. The other problem is that the sniper would be the bane of the machine gunner. One way of nerfing the sniper is not giving them a gas mask or making it so they can't use the gas mask and snipe at the same time).

      Next, there's the rifleman, the basic infantry unit. He's armed with a bolt-action rifle and the bayonet and out of the four "weapon classes", he's the most versatile and second most effective man when it comes to clearing a trench (Snipers don't have bayonets and machine gun nests can only be mounted or are stationary). Plus, they're armed with a few grenades, making them even more effective at their job.

      Finally, there's the flamethrower. It's pretty much what you think it is. A guy with a gas tank on his back going trench to trench with a flamethrower. Effective at clearing machine gun nests and trenches in general. Sucks pretty much everywhere else.

      Kill Streaks

      The classes may be hard to get down, but the kill streaks weren't. We have the mortar strike, heavy artillery strike, gas attack, and because zeppelins are simply cool, the zeppelin raid.

      The mortar strike is basically a weaker version of the artillery strike but with a smaller area of effect and more shelling. However, due to how inaccurate these things are, a player should theoretically be safe in a trench. The Heavy Artillery Strike is a mortar strike on steroids. It has a large area of effect but less shells (meaning largely more inaccurate) but it's great for taking out tanks and WILL take out infantry when it hits.

      Then there's the gas attacks. Now this weapon is the perfect for area of denial and clearing trenches but works both ways (against you and the enemy). Here's how it works.

      Player A calls in a gas attack. Every player on Team A is given a warning and allows them to place their gas masks. 15 seconds into the gas attack, the location of the denied area is revealed on the mini-map (Hardcore matches without a HUD should be FUN!)

      On the otherhand, Team B is in a tough spot. They don't know there's a gas attack until one of their players dies. And the location is revealed on their mini-map until 30 seconds into the attack. The attack overall would last a minute. The radius of the attack should be between mortar strike and artillery strike.

      Then there's the zeppelin raid. This isn't the fourth killstreak in order (the gas would be fourth given its power). Think "Stealth Bomber" from MW2 only it isn't stealthy but does drop a lot of bombs in a sorta wide lane. The lane would be as wide as the mortar strike but much longer.

      Let's say this is the mortar strike: +

      The zeppelin raid would be: ++++++++++


      Tanks would be a four man operation. One man drives, the other controls the flamethrower, and the other two control the machine guns on the sides. However, these weapons can overheat (almost rather easily) and if several overheat at once, the tank breaks down for a moment until all four weapons complety cool down.

      Now, weaknesses aside, this weapon would be the most powerful in game. It's armor shrugs off small arms and machine gun fire. Some damage can be caused by grenades (very small bits however). Mortar strikes are in the same boat. Zeppelins and heavy artillery could take one out but Zeppelins aren't fast moving like the Stealth Bomber, so timing is necessary. Finally, gas could prove damaging in that if someone call a gas attack on a tank, some or all of the crew could be killed before they realize what hit them.

      But a tank with a full-crew and gas masks aren't completely safe. In game, hijacking a tank would require somebody getting behind the tank, climbing aboard, and dropping a single grenade to take out the crew. The only way to prevent this would be to make sure the tank had infantry covering it. Also, tanks are slow.


      Will clearly, there should be several maps with trenches, including one that's basically several rows of trenches. However, there should be towns as well which should shake things up a bit.

      Gas Masks

      Gas Masks save lives during a gas attack but limits the field of sight and makes aiming difficult for weapons (which is there to prevent people running around with gas masks the whole round).

      Wave Mode

      I loved Zombies. And a "defense" game set in World War I seems naturally. A team of four (or more preferably) defend against infinite waves of infantry armed with bayonets? Simple. The map would be mostly outdoor with an base for players to grab ammo and buy weapons (including from the mystery box).

      The "window" system would be replaced with barbwires and mines and in a long map. The players can dash across the map and set up defenses.

      Here's how I picture the map.

      =    | | | | | | |+

      Each | is a trench and the + is the base. = is where the enemy spawns from. Now, if there's only four players, the number of trenches would clearly need to be reduced. But if we could get 12 players, this should be reasonable.

      Here's how I envision the game.

      All Playersstart with 1000 points to spend and a rifle. How they choose to spend is up to them. A mystery box trip would be of course worth 950 points so they could take their chances there or buy the "basic" sniper or heavy machine gun from the wall (sniper 500, lmg 750).

      OR, they can stick with their rifle and build defenses. Let's look at my diagram again.

      =   -|-|-|-|-|-|-|+

      Everywhere I put a (-) is where players can choose to build either barb wire (which slow down and injure soldiers) or mines (like bouncy betties but so that one going off doesn't trigger all the ones around it).

      Barb wire would cost 500 each role and mines would cost 750. However, there's a bonus to using them. Killing soldiers crawling through barbwire gives a bonus to both the person who laid the barbwire and the killer. Each kill with the mines gives every player points for killing.

      There's a catch though. Barbwire and mines work both ways. During the "combat" part of the round, crossing either will seriously damage or possibly kill you! Which makes placement and where you want to hold important. For the first five or so rounds, the team could easily hold from the first trench of their base. However, after a while, as more advanced enemy troops come onto the scene (including machine gunners, flamethrowers, and maybe some special "exotic" units), holding from the first the entire game seems insane. Holding from the last or second to last trench would allow the team to deal with machine gunners since they can only deploy inside a trench.

      The build round would last a minute and a half. In which time any player who died in the combat round or any player who just joined the game can join.

      Ok, time to use my diagram (again) to explain the next mechanic.

      =   -|-|-|-|-|-|-|+

      Any enemy killed inside that trench or closer to the home base could drop the power-ups similar to the ones from WaW. The ammo one is self-explanatory but there's also the:

      Instant Barb Wire

      Within 30 seconds of the build round, the player can activate this power-up which creates barb wire defenses to defend the home base (meaning that the closest three "barb wire and mine" defenses areas are given barb wire for free unless there're mines there.

      Instant Mines

      Like the above but with the three trenches closest to the enemy spawn unless there's barb wire there.

      In this, the killstreaks will also create a deadly showing.

      Mortar Strikes: Cost $1500
      Heavy Artillery: Cost $2000
      Zeppelin Raid: Cost $2500
      Gas Attack: Cost $4000

      These are stack able and multiple can be going at once. Meaning that if a team saves up on these and use them when the situation looks desperate, you'll get a pretty light show AND probably wipe out most of the attackers.

      And what would the Survival Game be like without secret weapons?

      Bolt Action Alien Laser

      Remember the Ray Gun from WaW. This is basically it but works like a bolt action rifle. It's not as strong as the Ray Gun since you can't rapid fire it. However, this gun carries more bullets then the standard rifle and the mini-explosion caused by impact is larger.


      Gives the player the ability to launch their own mortar shells except these mortal shells aren't like anything seen before. The explosion caused by these are larger than a single Heavy Artillery Strike! (Meaning that one shell can do a lot of damage).

      Weakness, limited ammo and long reload time.


      I love this game in WaW Zombies, so I figure a prototype should be available in this. Unlike the newer Wunderwaffle, this one only fires one shot before needing to reload. However, it can take out larger numbers at once. In Zombies, this would be rather useless until high levels. In this, you're dealing with mass infantry waves anyway.

      Poison Gas Grenades

      Tame compare to the other weapons. Basically your own gas weapon in your hands.

      Well. I've been working on this post forever. So I'll leave it there and continue later.