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    Post Your Epic Troll Moments

      Post your epic trolling moments, or just quotes from other users towards you that make you feel dominate/special in general.

      HARD2KILL NY wrote:


      Atention dark shadow.You win! After one year of conversation.I have discovered you are the true forum smart ass,genius,local jesus,possibly a homo pedophlie and king! God bless your wit and humor i bow to you,just not in front of you 

      SplittinWigs wrote:


      I see that too, my accuracy is 20% not sure where the negative comes from, but I'm sure your just being clever, you funny/funny man.

      Blackflamers wrote:


      i sent u xbox live friend request.

      ii darkshadow oO wrote:


      I know, I denied it

      IntoTheVoid wrote:


      I may have overestimated you.

      ii darkshadow oO wrote:


      Why are you so mad tran?

      ivirtran wrote:


      shutup dark

      ii darkshadow oO wrote:



      I have only been trolling for a couple of months now, and I believe I can be considered a full-fledged troll...(in the OT only)

      Now your turn. (5 bucks says I will be quoted at least twice)

      YES!!! I already have 1 star, now I know I'm on the right track! Thanks :razz: