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    Congratulations to the Veterans (Reports?)

      Yes, we made it through it all. Beta Code searchers, then MP40 complainers, then Lag complainers, then Complainers about Complainers, then Map Pack 4, then Stewy, then Map Pack 4 again, then "Oh Noes, teh Forumz are DEAD!" then more Stewy, then "OMG, MW2 is gunna be uber pwnage-Treyarch sux," then "MW2 is gay, WaW is beast, I wuv you Treyarch, I have faith in you, xoxo," and now Black Ops, and nothing but Black Ops. Congratulations to those who survived. We did it. We made it. Who wants to do it all again?

      So how has it been?
      What is your reflection at this point if you're still here?
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