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    Grass: A New Game, A New Era. It Must Be Resolved.


      I have created a proposal to balancing the game, let's see how the new members take it.
      So far it is quite successful.

      ii darkshadow oO wrote:


      First off, grass to me has been over used in most COD games. Even a flamethrower will not kill Grass. Only Noobs use Grass or hide in it. At least Treyarch had the guts to make a flame thrower to burn it. But once I burn it in single play and play that mission over the grass has respawned. That is overpowered. Grass should not respawn.
      Jugganut is a must.
      Grenade lunchers is good.


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      Edit: My thread was deleted. Of all the terrible, annoying, and inept threads, my thread was deleted. Sigh...whatever.