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        10. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
        So, how many cups of coffee has everyone had thus far this Monday? 

        Many of us are stuck at work, and some of us are sneaking peeks online throughout the day.  The members of the Gunslingers are no exception.  Because of it, we try to salvage some good vibes on Mondays by starting the work week off by adding new games to our custom GS Arcade.  Today, we are going the Old West theme and adding the cowboy shoot-out game, Smokin' Barrels.  Earn money and buy weapons as you shoot your way to the top of the high-noon ladder!

        Just don't let your boss see.

        Also, we like to chat it up during our work day in our GS Chats, so, if you are an adult pining for the chance to play Reflex again, you can kill some time by chatting with gamers your own age.

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          11. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
          Gunslingers, we had another big day yesterday!  On June 29th alone, the Gunslingers had seven more adults join our ranks.  Welcome aboard, and thank you for joining, emiri, Tuue, Hrothgar, ldykllr, gSINGHg, RavenMarston13, and TX COWBOY 817  I sure none of  you will have any problems finding other Gunslingers for all the games you play.  If any Call of Duty gamers are reading this who would like to throw their friend code into the mix, I invite you to register with the Gunslingers (http://www.gunslingergaming.com).

          As our members already know, a special drawing of a random name is being held tonight.  Good luck, everyone, and thank you again for making our 3 Year Anniversary so special!
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            12. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
            Bethorama is the winner of the Gunslinger Anniversary Frosty Pint Mug! 


            For those of you who have yet to meet her, she originally joined the Gunslinger family in January 2009 during the final month of our (*shutters*) freewebs site being the main hub for us. 

            We hope you enjoy your Frosty Pint and lend a cheer during our Frosty Pints tradition.  Thank you, Beth, for being a Gunslinger.  Thank you, everyone, for making this project all worth while.  It is amazing to think just how far we have come as a group in these last three years.  Heck, the explosion of membership in just the last year and a half is utterly incredible.

            We would love to have any adult reading this message on board for our Call of Duty clan.  Become one of us by registering in our forum at http://www.gunslingergaming.com
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              13. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
              Aw, it is Friday. Holiday weekend.  The smell of illegal fireworks is already in the air.  It signifies the end of another work week, which could only mean one thing:

              FROSTY PINTS

              Frosty Pints is our Friday and Saturday time to gather, grab our favorite brews, and toast an (abbreviated) escape from "working for the man."  Stop by the Gunslingers to exchange game contacts and get with a group of folks ready for some drunken raids.

              As if 4th of July wasn't reason enough, for us, we have an additional reason to clink together our glasses in tribute.  In just the last two days (June 30th and July 1st), we gained FIFTEEN new members!  Gunslingers, tip your hat and take a shot of whiskey for our newest posse members:

              • Helmed
              • foxhound8
              • ZigZag
              • xPR0d!gyX
              • Ch1llz
              • terons
              • rzettler
              • PyroDrew24
              • jporter67
              • Karniest
              • kaminsky victor
              • BOOGIEBOT
              • crunknwj
              • Syphen
              • AgntB1ue

              Thank you all for joining.  If  you are 18 years of age and would like to join the fastest growing group of casual, adult gamers, you need only to register an account at the GS Forums: http://www.gunslingergaming.com/phpbb

              As our Danish member, Missie, would say,

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                14. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                Before I get to the GS news, I wish safe travels, open flames, and fireworks hording to all our American members during their 4th of July celebration and to all our Canadian members during their continued Canada Day festivals!

                We have been honored with the presence of EIGHT new members yesterday (July 2nd, 2010).  so, Gunslingers, tip your hat and take a shot of whiskey once again for the newest folks in our posse:


                Thank you all for joining!
                Gunslingers:  Where the mature, casual gamers meet.
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                  15. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                  There are the lucky people who have the Monday after the 4th of July celebration off, but others of us had to wipe the sleep out of eyes and get back to work.  For those of you who like to sneak in some chatting and flash games during work as you pine for the chance to get back to your REAL gaming, the Gunslingers have added Klondike Solitiare to our GS Arcade!

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                    16. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                    Seems like a good group.
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                      17. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults

                      PigeonPunter wrote:


                      Seems like a good group.

                      Thanks!  I think you would like it.

                      We had new Gunslingers walk through our saloon doors the last couple days (July 3rd to July 5th) so give them a warm welcome!  You can find their introductions and contacts in the GS Forums:

                      Joe Von Knee

                      Thank you all for joining!

                      Gunslingers:  Where the mature, casual gamers meet.
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                        18. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                        There is another perk with being a Gunslinger that is not often brought up in this forum, and that is choices.  We know that Black Ops is not the only game in the world, and that the most ideal progression in your gaming experience is to retain membership and friendships within an ever growing clan as you supplement your limited gaming time with other titles.  That is why the Gunslingers makes sure that you continue to have a home where you can find other adult gamers regardless of what game you also play as you wait for its release.

                        Heck, we often joke that we have a Light Side and a Dark Side to the Gunslingers.  If that is the case, here are how the sides break down:

                        Light Side:
                        • Mario Kart Wii
                        • ModNation Racers
                        • Monster Hunter Tri
                        • The Conduit

                        Dark Side:
                        • Call of Duty: Reflex
                        • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
                        • Red Dead Redemption
                        • All Points Bulletin
                        • MAG

                        Hmm...perhaps the Dark Side is winning at the moment.

                        While those games are the ones we highlight, we have Gunslingers playing everything from Tetris Party and LittleBigPlanet to Uncharted 2 and Bad Company 2.  In fact, our Master List of Contacts section of the GS forums has over 40 topics representing contacts for over 40 different games played by fellow Gunslingers, a number that is continuously growing.  However you wish to game, with Gunslingers, you have a pantheon of adults ready to keep your gaming experience fun, casual, and absolutely void of clan wars and Game Battles.

                        Of course, all this information is to demonstrate the absolute freedom you have with the Gunslingers.  If you are like many of us who are still waiting for the release of Black Ops, you will find no group more rewarding than us.

                        'Till beer is used to fuel time machines,
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                          19. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                          Friday is finally here again, and that can only mean one thing...

                          ...FROSTY PINTS!!!!

                          Meet up with your fellow Gunslingers, grab your favorite brew, and let the good times roll in our end-of-the-week tradition of over two years.  If you still have game contacts to swap, stop by the GS Chat to round up more folks.  We have had a lot of new members lately, so you shouldn't have a problem finding new blood for your roster.  Frosty Pints is GS community wide today and tomorrow, so come and celebrate the end of another work week with folks your own age!
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