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        20. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
        There are two new additions to the Gunslinger home site to share with everyone this Monday:

        Chess has been added to the GS Arcade.  Values are set on your moves, so try to earn a top score with your fellow Gunslingers!

        The Gunslinger Member, Geo, has been kind enough to share some of his musical creativity with the rest of us with a rock song he composed entitled "Consumed."  It has been added to the GS Jukebox, which is linked via a button of the left side of all our chat pages.  While you are checking out his talent, you will notice that other members such as D.Lazer, Balki, and jANK have submitted tracks from the bands they are in.  Thank you, Geo, for sharing your talent with us!

        Gunslingers:  Where the rock stars go to game with other adults.
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          21. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
          I have more exciting news to share with everyone!

          Today, The Gunslingers officially became 700 members strong!!!

          Not only is that a great member count filled with equally as great and fun adults, but the rate of activity and growth is a bit mind blowing.  We received 100 new, legitimate members in the last 24 daysIncredible!

          Thank you all for joining and enriching the gaming experience for other adults your own age.  Whatever you continue playing while you await the release of Black Ops, we will be there offering a home.  I know I speak of celebrating this or that quite a bit lately, but, really, come join us as we raise our mugs in toast of another fantastic milestone.

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            22. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
            I hope you got that last work assignment wrapped up because the weekend is once again upon so you know what that means...

            ...[pregnant, melodramatic pause]...

            ...FROSTY PINTS!!!

            (I know, I know.  I really need to get out more.)

            Grab your pick of poison and head over to the GS Chats.  If you have done so already, drop your game contact and add those of other people in the GS Forums.  Like you, they joined us wanting to be part of a fun, kick-back gaming group, so let the party begin!

            'Till RedBull makes a red wine energy drink,
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              23. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
              We have been referencing our membership growth lately, and we don't view it as simply a bragging right.  Rather, it is an opportunity to be creative.  Toezer, our webmaster, has been busy overhauling our site to better reflect our popularity and ability to provide a home for all you mature, casual adults.  We are excited to always enhancing your GS experience.

              On that note, I invite you to check out all her hard work with the new look of Gunslinger Gaming!

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                24. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                As some of you already know, the Gunslingers like to ease some of the pain of returning back to the workweek grindstone by adding a new game to the GS Arcade.

                This Monday we have installed classic Sudoku!  With 75 boards ranging from easy to hard, there is plenty to keep busy while we are stuck at work.

                Gunslingers:  Always active.  Always with an update to prove it.
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                  25. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                  One of the elements of the Gunslingers that is not often cited here is our unique dynamic via the GS Chats.  Perhaps it is because we are bunch of adults who enjoy getting together and shoot the bull while playing some rounds of games after work, but our chat tends to result in some wacky moments.  Often, I log into chat and find some sort of dialog that makes me spit out my coffee at work, laughing. 

                  Take today for example.  I log in to find the most current, random comment posted by Geo, "Hey guys!  Have you ever tried to eat a pizza all by yourselves?"

                  What?  You think you had to be there?

                  I agree.

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                    26. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                    Why "adults only" if you know what i mean - _
                                                              o o
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                      27. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                      At Gunslingers, we are steadfast in our dedication to provide a home for adults who are looking to play other mature, casual folks within their own age demographic.  By doing so, we continue to establish a pool of players who can relate to your time restraints, family obligations, and work deadlines.

                      Check it out for yourself at www.gunslingergaming.com
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                        28. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                        I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

                        I've rarely seen people over eighteen that play games like Call of Duty and Battlefield online that are mature.

                        I don't understand how you're rating maturity here.

                        Is it by age? (Most likely)

                        The ten year old boy in your lobby playing MW2 on the 360 his mom/dad owns probably isn't mature, and this shows when he's most likely going to talk.

                        The teenager that argues with his parents about continuing to play while his headset is still on isn't mature.

                        The twenty something year old calling everyone a ***** because he just "raped" them isn't mature, either.

                        I hope you've gotten my point.

                        Also, I don't understand why you put drinking alcohol on the same level as maturity.

                        EDIT : One last question...

                        If I were to join and play with anyone in your clan, none of you would likely guess that I was fourteen because of my extremely deep voice.

                        When I eventually told you that I was fourteen after you'd gotten to know me, and that I wasn't like the stereotypical teenager on xBox Live/PSN, would you just kick me out of your community, make an exception, or realize that there a well minded people out there that just don't turn on their headsets?
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                          29. Re: Gunslingers - The Black Ops Clan for Adults
                          Clans for a game that's not even out yet... *SIGH*
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