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        20. Re: Prestige Unlocks
        after prestiging you should be able to change the color of your name in the lobby. after one prestige, you unlock one color. after the second prestige you unlock another and you can change them as you unlock more
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          21. Re: Prestige Unlocks
          New gun camos, Appearance items, something that doesn't improve someones gameplay because of all the modders that will want to boost people and even more kids messaging about 10th Lobbies.
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            22. Re: Prestige Unlocks
            - Extra create-a-class slots. (Similar to WaW)
            - Extra prestige challenges (Similar to MW2)
            - Integration with the site, similar to the integration found with the green toned boards of WaW.

            I think that should do it in terms of rewards. Like you stated Vahn, exclusivity does not go hand in hand with prestige in terms of weapons and content along those lines. I am all for the traditional elements returning.
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              23. Re: Prestige Unlocks
              I like the added create-a-class slots for prestiging.

              I have no issues with the way prestige was setup in WaW.

              My only question is the number, so prestiging 10 times seems good to me, but what level? 50, 55, 70, what is next? Do you go up or down from 70.


              I prestige because of 3 reasons

              1. I like the new symbols and status
              2. I get bored if I don't prestige
              3. I want more custom slots for create-a-class

              Vahn, you did prestige RIGHT in WaW

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                24. Re: Prestige Unlocks
                Finding something for this is difficult as once so many people prestige the reward you get for prestiging becomes less of a reward as everyone has it. That is why gun camos would be good but eventually become boring and unwanted so i don't suggest doing this.
                Maybe something like when you prestige you get a code for say $1 or less off of DLC. Would be difficult to implement but would mean people would play the game more trying to get up to $10 off DLC, which I'm guessing is what you want. Yes you will probably lose money but this is only a brief idea.
                Maybe deeper character customisation the further you go into prestige. Start off with limited options and then by 10th you will have maybe 100 different combinations.
                Maybe the ability to unlock something here on the site (If there is stat linking of course) IDK what it could be but I'm just throwing things out there.
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                  25. Re: Prestige Unlocks
                  As I posted in one a previous threads, giving a player a special camo, such as gold would be good. I also think that giving players a slight XP bonus (say, 1.5%?) would be fair, it would stay at that.
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                    26. Re: Prestige Unlocks
                    I've a few ideas:
                    -Ghillie suits on CAC2.0?
                    -Every time you prestige, you will get different guns and perks at different levels? This could be optional.
                    -More stuff on CAC 2.0?
                    Last Edited: Jun 17, 2010 11:52 AM
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                      27. Re: Prestige Unlocks
                      I dont see how prestige having an unlock the rest dont have as un-balancing the game.  Everyone has the option to do it if they want to, it's like saying having different weapons at level 50 compared to level one un-balances the game....

                      But hey i always prestige just for the slots and to avoid boredom so havin anythin else like camo's etc is a bonus.
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                        28. Re: Prestige Unlocks
                        Idea: When you prestige, you unlock hidden single player content / co-op content.


                        You can just make the characters "man bulge" a little bigger with each prestige, since some gamers consider it a penis measuring contest.

                        All jokes aside, I think extra custom slots and hidden content would suffice.

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                          29. Re: Prestige Unlocks
                          player models and at the last prestiege a pink dress
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