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    OT Bloopers: Update

      Proof, Fishbait is Snake
      Exhibit A:

      Exhibit B:


      Either that's Snake, or half the members of GRaS are senile. Which ever one, I'm right and you're wrong, and I'm rubber, and you're glue, so whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks onto you.

      Major Makes a Mistake (Alliteration FTW!)

      Major Rodriguez wrote:


      Intelligence Positions:
      Central Itelligence Officer: ii darkshadow oO

      Ha ha ha, oh the irony...

      Bromance, not "man crush"

      reaper2792 wrote:


      You can call this a man crush and FAIL the thread

      reaper2792 wrote:


      your right. where the heck did i get man crush from? Was that from the movie Best Man?

      Ehh...that last one was alright, but they'll get better.

      I? Not we?

      EviL   EsKiMo wrote:


      first off, what i have submitted the past few days are not poems

      they are parodies of real songs to reflect Grass, and GRaS

      Someone has to keep a hold on that fictional alternate ego...

      More to come, only if the thread does not FAIL and receives high ratings.