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    The Most Epic Threads that were Locked

      The original "Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]," by typeusername at 496 pages.

      The "Officers Club V3," by MajorRodriguez at 706 pages.

      "^ > V," by Quagmires Chin at 92 pages.

      "I want to be GRaS," by DarthShortness at 35 pages.

      "MaTtks," by ii darkshadow oO at 5 pages.

      "This Thread Is A Failure," by EviL_EsKiMo at 53 pages.

      All good threads turn into spam eventually, that's the natural process.

      I am in no way insisting or promoting a recreation of any of these threads, as that would be an insult. (Unless it's an Officer's Club or something along the lines of 'Dome- why no tanks?'

      This is to give them a place in history. RIP. Any good memories or final words that wanted to be said?

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
      Semi Epic Threads that were Locked

      *Reserved for -Henry Langham Real or Hoax? Gknova0-*
      Dead thread walking here, dead thread walking.
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