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    Treyarch Security Team. *Live Chat Idea* - OP EDIT

      EDIT: Sept 10, 2010: It has now come to my attention that the ability to report boosters/hackers/modders on the game is being implemented (Well, some form of it).

      I have been hearing a lot about the new treyarch security team. I know they are helping with the cutting down of hackers, modders, etc, in Black Ops, which is an excellent idea from Treyarch

      What I want to know is if Treyarch will have some sort of community live-chat on this site, so we (the community) can talk to the team directly (maybe once a month) discussing the current exploits, bugs/glitches, leaderboard "problems" etc.(if anything at all) in the multiplayer when the game is finally released. Some stuff may go undetected by the team, and thats where we come in.

      I think if we had direct contact to the team, we would have the ability to make the game even more successful.