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    [dp] clan recruitment for (wii)

      hello i am going to be a part of the clan [dp] i think there are the best clan on the wii since [lcn] left and went to ps3 anyway i would if you would join this clan   the clan is  on gamspot.com here the link to union  http://www.gamespot.com/pages/unions/home.php?union_id=CODWii so it be would nice if you join  because we are losing some members mainly because some of the users have an xobx 360 and a wii and some of them are just buying it for xboxx 360  now this clan doesn't kick you out because you suck  (at least i don't think they do i never heard kick anyone out b4) anyway so please become a part of the [dp] clan ....thank you and have a great day