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        20. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
        Black Ops are just a few weeks away.  Im glad I am with a bunch of players who know whats going on.
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          21. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
          On every Wednesday of every week, The Gunslingers take a moment to tip the ol' hat to the newest batch of adults who walk through our saloon doors.  Give it up for the Gunslingers who joined between 10/13/2010 to 10/20/2010:

          bovine bob

          Welcome to the Gunslingers and thank you all for joining!  That is 22 new members in just 7 days!

          If you are an adult look for a mature, casual group of gamers who can relate to your need to juggle free time with parenting, working, college work, or all of the above, you can find no better place to join than the fastest growing gaming community exclusively for adults:  Gunslinger Gaming.

          Gunslingers:  Where the mature, casual COD Black Ops players meet.
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            22. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
            We welcome you to join in on the premiere event here at Gunslingers entitled FROSTY PINTS!

            Crack open your favorite brew, stop by the GS Chats and connect with fellow members for some drunken gaming fun. Going strong since 2008, Frosty Pints is a particularly great time for new members to meet other Gunslingers and to swap friend codes, PSNs or gamertags.

            Frosty Pints takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings, which actually means all day Friday and Saturday due to having members from time zones across the globe. (Quite the bender, huh!?) The busiest times tend to be from 3:00pm PST and on.

            Gunslingers - The PS3 Black Ops Community for Adults.
            Gunslingers - The Xbox360 Black Ops Community for Adults.
            Gunslingers - The Nintendo Wii Black Ops Community for Adults.

            Want to be part of the fastest growing Call of Duty group exclusively for gamers 18 years of age or older?  Kick things off by copying and pasting the following URL in your browser:


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              23. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
              Great games, Gunslingers! I am really stoked that we had so many members on tonight.  There was no way we were going to grab everyone into just a few rooms.  Special thanks to BJS and others for helping folks get in other parties and GS take-overs while Scars and myself wrangled the other half.  Nice to see us going strong until the very, bitter end of Modern Warfare!

              Over 900 members.
              All Adults.
              Of all skill levels.
              The Gunslingers.
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                24. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                Monday is upon us again.  Time to shake off that lingering weekend jibe and get back to work.  But Mondays don't need to be all work and no play...at least if you are Gunslinger.  We have a bit of an arcade themed edition in the GS Updates for all you fellow adult gamers out there.  Whether you are able to sneak in some quick rounds of arcade games from your work desk while the boss isn't looking or between getting home and getting dinner ready for the family, we at the Gunslingers invite all you fellow adults to take full advantage of what GS has new to offer you this Monday:

                Halloween Celebration:  For the entire month of October, we are giving nod to the popular spooky holiday, Halloween, by installing a new Halloween-themed game to our unique GS Arcade every week.  "Undead End" has been added!  Kill zombies and survive in this side-scrolling arcade game heavily inspired by Capcom's Resident Evil franchise!

                Pirate's Booty:  The Halloween arcade titles are special additions to the arcade, so we aren't cheating our members out of our normal, weekly tradition of adding a new game to our arcade already taking place.  This week, the game, Pirate's Booty, has been added!  It is minesweeper.  But with pirates. AARGHH!

                Tournament Sunday - Halloween Edition:  Whether you are going out to party with friends or taking the kids on their trick-or-treating plundering, Halloween can be busy for us adults.  That is why this Tournament Sunday, which just so happens to land right on Halloween, is a Mystery Arcade Event!  Anytime during the entire 24 hours of Halloween, try to earn the top high-score in a game installed into the GS Arcade specially for the event!  It is a tournament for  your busy schedule!  The game showcased in this Mystery Arcade Tournament will not be disclosed or installed ahead of time.  The only hint I can give you is that it will be Halloween in theme.

                All of the above new updates can be experienced first hand in the Gunslinger Gaming Arcade: 

                Gunslingers: The Black Ops Clan for Adults.
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                  25. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                  It is Wednesday, and it is time for our weekly tradition of New Members Round-Up!   Gunslingers, tip your hats to the following folks how have joined our ranks in the last 7 days:


                  Break out the good stuff, 'Slingers, because we got TWENTY-SIX NEW MEMBERS IN THE LAST 7 DAYS!!! Thank you all for joining!  We are honored to have you all among our ranks!

                  GunslingersThe fastest growing group exclusively for adult gamers.
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                    26. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                    With 230 reflex member and over a 100 mw2 memebers ready to switch on over to Black Ops its sure gonna be a crazy few weeks. But cant wait till the day when we all get on and start Black ops off right! Get em GS!
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                      27. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                      Not only is it finally the weekend, but it is a Halloween Weekend!  Let our Frosty Pints celebration begin!

                      Adult Call of Duty gamers grab your favorite "witch's brew," head to the GS Chat to swap game contacts, and commence in the drunken raids!  As an extra perk to make things in more of a Halloween fashion, Horror movies and television classics will be streaming live all weekend!

                      Happy Halloween Weekend, everyone!

                      The Gunslingers.

                      Last Edited: Oct 29, 2010 1:51 PM
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                        28. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                        Friday was a blast with the MW2 crew and looking forward to go killing with the Reflex crew tonight. Going to re stock the fridge, order some food and let Frosty Pint continue! Get em GS
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                          29. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Call of Duty Clan for Adults
                          The Halloween Frosty Pints is going strong!  The horror film Scream just started in the GS Theater, we are celebrating two long time member birthdays, Balki and Freddy, and The Halloween Mystery Arcade Event starts at midnight tonight (Pacific Time)!

                          If you are an adult looking for some folks your age to share games and brews with, there is no better place for you than The Gunslingers.

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