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        is there a way to use the shared but the teamate you shoot has like ten time s as much health against you?
        nevermind just stick to W@Ws hardcore setup  since hardcore means more realistic.

        SND:FF on  (delayed toobs)
        Team deathmatch:FF on
        CTF:FF on
        bombbased:FF on

        but you can still kick yourself for shooting teamates
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          World at Wars system was implemented perfectly and should be kept the same Friendly Fire is part of hardcore you know that before you start playing

          FRIENDLY FIRE ON with the kick system obviously
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            Definitely a kick after X amount of kills, Vahn. As stated before, sometimes people can run in your way out of being eager, and you should not be penalized in that situation. I have a thought though..let's say that you guys DID make it so that killstreaks did not contribute to you being kicked. Does anyone think that there would be griefers out there playing correctly, then dropping strikes on their teammates to no penalty?
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              Shared damage would work wonders on HC Search.

              The team killing "3 strikes your out" method worked well in W@W HC Search as well, but this is my second choice.

              Maybe implement the "3 strikes" method for shared?
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                The hardcore in WaW was perfect.  As long as idiots can't shoot rockets at the ground and kill everyone at the start of a match then I'm happy.

                Edit: Read about how someone didn't want kill streaks to count as team kills.  In which my response is, the game mode is hardcore, it is not suppose to be forgiving and you should pay attention.  If you freak out and kill your teammates three times on accident, oh well.  If your teammate ran into your grenade, oh well.  If your air strike kills three teammates, oh well.  The whole point of the game is to make sure your more aware of your surrounds.  If you want forgiveness, play core, if your upset you were killed in one hit, play core.

                Edit:  Another edit, can you not count being team killed as a death... it gets rather annoying having a great game and getting that one death from being team killed.
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                  Is there a way to implement a "forgive/kick" feature? If not, I say stick with a kick after a set number of kills.
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                    friendly fire is a needed thing but i want there to be a real punishment for being a jackhole man. It was sweet as f*ck to hear keifer sutherland scream and see them booted from the match but i would like to see a real deterent put in place for repeat offenders.... don't get me wrong i accidently put a teammate down by them strafing into fire and thats fine and just but i dont actively hunt my teammates.... if u put ricochet on u will get the dirt bags who will intentionally stand in front of u so u cannot fire and then an opponent can get two for the price of one..... WaW style all way just really discourage it with a fitting consequence 
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                      on, but if you get teamkilled, you get to keep your killstreak. after x tk's you get booted 
                      i am also in favor of the no killstreak team kills or at the least, you lose points but dont die
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                        I think it would be ideal to have it where the first time is shared then goes to ricochet

                        Game modes that you don't respawn like Search and Destory, should always be Ricochet.
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                          MOB LowDown
                          Off. Team killing serves no purpose but to annoy and upset people, is that what you want in your game? I hope not.
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