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    Order of Killstreaks - Your Opinion

      What do you think of the order of killstreaks (in terms of kills) now that we've seen it? Like it? Hate it? Want something to be changed?

      Current Killstreak Order:

      Spy Plane: 3
      RC-XD: 3
      Counter-Spy Plane: 4
      SAM Turret: 4
      Care Package: 5
      Napalm Strike: 5
      Sentry Gun: 6
      Mortar Team: 6
      Attack Helicopter: 7
      Valkyrie Rockets: 7 
      Blackbird: 8
      Rolling Thunder: 8
      Chopper Gunner: 9
      Attack Dogs: 11
      Gunship: 11

      I like it, except the only thing I'd like to see changed are the RC-XD for 4 kills and the Counter-Spy Plane for 3 kills.