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    The Elder Scrolls V!.....?

      I dont know if I have been living under a rock, but ever since Bethesda "cancelled" their E3 2010 Elder Scrolls V reveal (I saw nothing about it during E3), there hasn't been any news, trailers, or anything about the game...

      Are they focusing all their efforts on Fallout:NV and the possible DLC for the time being and then maybe focusing on Elder Scrolls V in 2011?

      I expect to see at least a teaser at E3 2011, but thats just me
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          Re: The Elder Scrolls V!.....?
          The game has been announced to be released mid to late 2011, it will be developed by Armor Games (they have the flash game site armorgames.com) and published by Bethesda Soft Works.

          No information has been released regarding possible interaction and compatibility with Kinect though it may attempt to incorporate it into some of the minor features at the least.

          Although Armor Games hasn't developed any major titles to date, parts of their studio has been vital to development teams for games such as Gears of War, some call of duty games etc.

          The original Elder Scrolls story is actually a video game version of the producers' Dungeon's and Dragon's campaign which is constantly evolving, thus the necessity to wait years between the next installment.

          Hope this helps, I can cite my sources if you wish or you could believe me.


          P.S. Anything you find out about Elder Scrolls V and project offset is false. Many people believe that project offset was the next Elder Scrolls but it was a research project for a studio called Offset Development. They were working on motion blur over particular dynamics and rendering some of the most in depth and realistic models to date using revolutionary technology and coding but Intel bought them out, canceled the project and began using the tech for their own RnD.
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            Re: The Elder Scrolls V!.....?
            Can't wait for this...
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              Re: The Elder Scrolls V!.....?

              Hornswoggled wrote:


              Can't wait for this...

              This.  How could it come out in 2011 and there be zero information about it?  I am skeptical.  I hope it is true, I have been waiting years for it.
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                Re: The Elder Scrolls V!.....?
                from http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/fullstory.php?id=162212
                The Elder Scrolls V announced
                Thursday, 1 April, 2010 at 7:26 PST | APY | Print News
                Bethesda Softworks has announced blah blah blah...
                Edit (29 July 2010): before you run off to the official forums to report on this unique nugget of information, please take another look at the date this was originally posted and reconsider...

                in case you wonder why you see nothing on bethblog or elderscrolls.com
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