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    A SP Trailer "Top Secret Document" Revealed. *SPOILERS*

      I am bored...again. So I decided to write up this "Classified" Document (which is circled). I managed to stop the vid when the complete document is visible.


      - I split it up into paragraphs for easier reading

      *The bold, and underlined font is the blacked out paragraph*

      DATE: September 6, 1960

      FROM: Ryan Jackson, Chief Analyst (APLAA)

      SUBJECT: OP-40 Candidate #24 (MASON, ALEX)

      PLACE OF BIRTH: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
      NATIONALITY: American/Caucasian
      DATE OF BIRTH: 06/03/1933
      AGE: 27
      HEIGHT: 5'11"
      BUILD: Average
      WEIGHT: 190lbs
      EYES: Green
      HAIR: Brown

      Born and raised in Alaska, the geographical proximity from his home state to Communist Russia brought the threat of the Cold War that much closer to his front door than most Americans. This is a key contributor to the candidate's fervent anti-Communist ideals and eventually led to his enlistment in the USMC.

      The candidate spent his youth hunting elk and grizzlies in the Alaskan wilderness with his father (a WW2 vet and recipient of the purple heart for his actions at the Makin Atoll); as such, the candidate is adept in cold weather combat techniques and is an excellent sniper (at the age of 20, he became the youngest Wimbledon Cup winner in the history of the marksmanship competition). Candidate was recruited to SAD/SOG at the age of 25 after an exemplary term of service with the Marines.

      Having served with distinction since joining the agency, Mason has a long standing friendship with many of his fellow Agency colleagues and shows a particular intimacy with operative Frank Woods.

      Always itching for action, Mason's tendency towards impulsiveness is the one trait that may not have been completely "trained out of him". However, close friend Woods is well aware of this, and knows exactly when and how to reign him in.

      (Full service record and psychological analysis enclosed)

      Operation 40