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    Carbonfibah's Black Ops Zombie Theory. *SPOILER*

      **I found this post by Carbonfibah on his site which depicts his in-depth theory of Black Ops Zombies. Yes, it is long and full of images, but if you are a fellow zombie fan you would take the time to read this from one of the main researchers behind the zombie storyline. This is all in Carbonfibah's words, not mine.**

      "The majority of this post was a theory I posted on the Xbox forum, 10-22-2009. However due to recent knowledge of leaked zombie maps, this information seems to be relevant. I don't condone leaked footage, nor am I hear to talk about what has been seen in said videos. I am simply letting you know about a theory I had a long time ago which looks to be coming true and might offer some insight into the zombie maps for Black Ops. Now this post has had a few minor adjustments, such as changing the words map pack 4 for world at war to the zombie maps for Black Ops."

      "So here we go...

      At least a few of the zombie maps in Black Ops will most likely be in Europe. You can find on each teleporter a board with the words GER, FRA, and ENG. These will be the locations of the new zombie maps.

      GER (Germany)

      FRA (France)

      ENG (England)

      Around Der Riese there are many maps on the boards, they appear to all be European.




      Also, you can find a Map of France on a Der Riese wall.

      The part in the transmission where it talks about a large conduit to channel the energy leads me to believe that the Eiffel Tower could be used for this. It can be found on a Der Riese board as well.

      These are some pictures from the boards on Der Riese. They depict locations with zombies.




      In each of the boards there looks like an image of the die glocke, or the vehicle the nazi's were working on that resemble an anti gravity propulsion machine, or flaying saucer.

      Also there looks like new traps too, as the designs are drawn on the boards. There is also an image of a hellhound which looks familiar to an image seen on the backdrop of a recent interview at Treyarch.

      Now the board that has the map of Germany and a picture of what looks like a theater is what it is. The image itself is titled theater in the PC files. Now the new leaked map is called "Kino Der Toten" or roughly translated to Theater of the dead. The theater has swastikas all around and is obviously a German theater, just like the image on the Der Riese board. Now the map starts you off coming from a teleporter. Now my theory was each of the 3 teleporters on Der Riese could send you to the specific location, ENG, FRA, and GER. My theory was that this was to be used for transporting the army of undead soldiers, or as we know them as the zombies.

      The other images show what looks like Big Ben in England and The Eiffle Tower in France.

      So it looks like they will have a map in France and England as well.

      These images are a clue for a next map, just like they added the small piece of paper on Shi No Numa that said Der Riese,

      Now in terms of France, this is something that I came across in my research.

      There is a date found on Verruckt and Der Riese

      Hitler was in France during this time

      So we found the numbers 1942 11 3. If you put this as a date, you will find that Hitler made a statement on that day,

      "Your enemy, despite his superiority, must also be at the end of his strength. It would not be the first time in history that a strong will has triumphed over the big battalions. As to your troops, you can show them no other road than that to victory or death."

      Hitler was basically signing the death warrant for his entire military force.

      So these are my theories and predictions, believe what you wish, however in my opinion I have brought up some good points."