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    Game launch is near; what to expect next

      As we get close to ship, some of the development team leadership from the design, art, animation, and other departments will be fanning out across the world to places as far away as London, Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Berlin to participate in worldwide launch events.

      Others will be at home here in Santa Monica keeping a close eye on everything doing what they can to ensure a successful launch on 11.09.10.

      A simultaneous worldwide launch is a big event with hundreds, if not thousands, of people across the globe involved.

      Please know that just because you might hear from me or JD 2020 a little bit less from now til the middle of November doesn't mean we are not paying attention. Many people are paying attention. They just don't post on the forums.

      This is how you can help:

      1. Be rational and leave some of the emotion behind. Emotional and threat induced posts get you ignored, not honored. These forums will no doubt light up with over zealous individuals.

      2. Be concise. Make your report. Explain what you did. Explain what happened. In game development, we look for "Repro Steps" to identify and fix issues. You want to clearly identify the fewest steps possible that if you repeat will cause the same exact results. Glitches and bug fixes can not be made and verified fixed if we do not have clear repro steps.

      3. Have fun. It's just a video game. Every issue will be researched, evaluated, and if necessary, fixed. The live ops team is in place and ready to go to work. This team consistent of professional QA people, community members like yourself, in additional to engineering, IT, and operations experts. Let them do their jobs. Find ways to help them.

      David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

      EDIT: Going to sticky this for 5 days it gets seen by a broad audience.
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