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        I want it to be like W@W and CoD4 where people who are actually good can do it. I don't want it to where that everyone can do it, so yes limit it but don't get rid of it.
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          Grimer cfc
          There is nothing worse therm dieing in Search and Destroy, then wanting to gt straight back into the game, and then there’s some idiot trying to quick scope somebody across the map, when they could easily snipe them and win the round, if you want to do it because it’s fun, play FFA then you get to do it all you want without the fact that you’re letting a team down. I’m not sayin it’s n00by or anything I sometimes do it, but in private matches, which I play for fun and not to win, and nothings at stake, I hate playing badly due to others, whether it’s a quickscoper, knifer, or n00btuber. I love playing CoD, and I think it’s a great game, but it’s the community that make it bad. MW2 never really stood a chance, there was no gears of war or halo that came out with it, and it was following one of the beat FPS games ever, people who used to play other games flocked to MW2 with all the hype but wanted to play other games, but I hope Black Ops doesnt suffer from the downfalls of MW2 and treyarch will learn from IWs mistakes. =) that was a nice rant
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            UniT PrefirE
            If it is hard to master then I dont see a problem. In MW2 it was easy because sleight of hand pro made it super fast, So my idea is just to leave the zoom time as it is but make a .2 or so second delay before it is aligned so that the scope has to be on the screen before you can shoot. Have sleight of hand pro not effect sniper rifles and let people enjoy the game how they want to. If they want to 'quick scope' then they have to do it a little slower so that other people have a chance of damaging them before they get a shot off. That way its fair for everyone
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              Seriously - it was fine in cod4 - it was a bit silly in mw2

              less like mw2 and more like cod4 is fine, but don't nerf it completely - there are still some of us that like to challenge ourselves
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                you're my hero vahn, I love reading all the post little kids make now about the QS being more a challenge... LOVE YOU VAHN!
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                  I think that quick scoping should be completely removed from Black Ops.
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                    - Unrealistic
                    - Unbalanced
                    - Unfair
                    - Annoying
                    - Majority of the quickscoping community think that "Hard scoping" Is bad.

                    That's why it's being taken out.
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                      Quickscoping is a valid game mechanic, I don't see how it could ruin anyones experience at all. I think it does need to be nerfed from MW2 because it was too easy in that game, but my suggestion would be to make it like quickscoping with the M40A3 reg scope in CoD4. Honestly quickscoping is the only thing that takes skill in CoD anymore. To say it's cheap and unfair is just stupid when people run around with full autos using jugg and last stand, or whatever. Snipers only get 1 shot and we actually have to aim to kill the person rather than just hold down the right trigger. It's a skill and if we can do it then we should be able to... Also, to say quickscoping isn't "real" is pretty stupid aswell... since when is CoD supposed to be real? or games in general, even.
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                        If you going to nerf sniping then you also need to Nerf the knife. If has unlimited ammo and is a one shot kill & The lunge is far to long and unrealistic. Plus I think knifing annoys more of the community than sniping does.
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                          The sniping mechanic from MW and W@W should be used.
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