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      • 20. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
        It seems clear that people who actually quickscope want it to continue...and the 99.9% of everyone else is fine to see it go the way of the dodo.

        I don't much care either way since quickscopers didn't really phase my 2.93 k/d in MW2. I've sure their k/d and overall helpfulness to teams and their winning ratio was subpar...at best. It's a novelty that is probably only useful in FFA, which I never play. Although with wager matches, I will probably do some FFA in BO.

        Anyway, Treyarch gimped it...move on...I used Danger Close/OMA noobtubes for many a situation in MW2...can't do that in BO...and I'm OK with it...move on to a new tactic.
        • 21. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
          Good idea.

          I have always disliked quick scoping so you know where my vote went.
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            Make sure Quick Scoping is out of Black Ops, but leave an option to make it easier for Private Matches, therefore them '1337' people will still be happy!
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              Brian.+ wrote:


              I want it to be like W@W and CoD4 where people who are actually good can do it. I don't want it to where that everyone can do it, so yes limit it but don't get rid of it.


              i mean, i quickscope when there is no other option available to me. but the fact that people were doing it in MW2 just to "try" to be flashy, was a bit ridiculous.
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                A question, will the results of this poll actually change anything in the game or is this just to see where people actually stand to satisfy your own curiosity? As you have mentioned about not pleasing everyone, even if the the game is changed to enable quickscopers, you would then have those who oppose it flaming you. I was just curious especially considering if this poll would change anything because of the amount of people that would just contiously make temporary accounts to vote for their preference like they did yesterday when they wanted to flame JD_2020.
                • 25. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
                  It is rare for players to develop a real, unique playstyle for FPS-games.
                  I personally dislike "xXxxxXxxSUPERLEETSCOPERxxXxzzzxzZII" -people aswell, but eventhough quickscoping is removed the players have no reason to stop coming up names like that and that shouldn't even be a (part-)reason to remove something from game - it's just a name.

                  But yeah ... I'd be cool with this quickscoping-removal if something will be done for rocketlaunchers and noobtubes aswell.

                  P.S Hutch was exactly right with the "Assault Vs. Sniper" -case.
                  if you're even a decent player, you'll easilly kill quickscoper.
                  • 26. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
                    Quickscoping in BO should be like in CoD4 and WaW.
                    • 27. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll

                      lDevastator wrote:


                      If you going to nerf sniping then you also need to Nerf the knife. If has unlimited ammo and is a one shot kill & The lunge is far to long and unrealistic. Plus I think knifing annoys more of the community than sniping does.

                      Of course it has unlimited ammo it's a freakin' knife!
                      • 28. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
                        Sly Toad
                        Keep it out. It is lame and it is annoying seeing a guy do 720's off of a roof when he clearly sees the guy trying to defuse a bomb in SnD.
                        • 29. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
                          There is nothing about quickscoping that is realistic. A REAL sniper doesn't pull the scope up halfway and pull the trigger. If this game is to provide a somewhat realistic experience allowing quickscoping to continue brings the experience wayy down. Gimp quickscopers in public matches. If you want to have the feature in private matches thats fine, no skin off my nose. But quickscoping is cheap and requires no skill except the skill of exploiting the auto-aim.
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