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    Regional Matchmaking on the PS3 (What really happened)

      I am sorry for the confusion today on Regional Matchmaking. It's a long story.

      Short version:

      Someone was sending me angry Tweets demanding why we lied that the PS3 did not have regional matchmaking. We had already confirmed it previously. Another, unrelated, user was sending angry Tweets about "Treyarch lying" about Internet split-screen.

      That's what I was replying about. I wasn't even talking about either of the features, but I was offended by the idea that anyone would think we go out of our way to deceive you. Its ludicrous.

      All this contributed to the wide, fast spread of inaccurate information about a topic I wasn't even talking about. So quick and furious that I had email waiting for me this morning from the PS3 lead wondering why people were upset about a feature he gave them.

      You could help though. Stop hearing what you want and running off with it like it is some sort of scoop that will get you Internet nerd famous while you toss me under a bus. That would be helpful.

      Here is the real lesson. I'm done responding to emotionally worked up people even if you are 100% right because the potential for conflict and misinformation is too high. So act like a pro and get treated like one.

      David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

      PS: Yes it has Regional Matchmaking.
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