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        To me the issue is that the system places equal weight to every spawn, regardless of where you or the enemy spawned last time. Meaning that I could (have have) spawn with the enemy.

        I'm typing this between lives in HC TDM on Summit and have literally alternated sides (Black Ops start to Spetsnaz start and back) every spawn, with the other team appearing at both simultaneously (even when it got down to two people) most of the time. I'd post a video, but if I back out to theater I don't think I'd get back into another room with my party.

        To me it would make the biggest difference to make sure that the starting (or previous, if and when the start is overrun) spawns have a higher score than others, with it especially trying to keep teams in the same area so you don't have the center surrounded.
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          the extractor wrote:


          mateen110 wrote:


          This video sums it up.......

          PS: Why is the PS3 build so inferior?

          I shall keep an eye out for good examples as well!

          And yes Dave, why IS the PS3 build so inferior?

          i have both consoles and i cant really tell the difference.
          this game wasn't a port from what ive heard.
          so i can understand if it was a tiny different, but for right now i cant =/
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            This one was posted before, but it's a great showing of whats wrong with the spawning system.. and the knifing..haha.
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              DEEZ- wrote:


              i have both consoles and i cant really tell the difference.
              this game wasn't a port from what ive heard.
              so i can understand if it was a tiny different, but for right now i cant =/

              Everyone's eyes are different dude, so no worries.

              Xbox version runs at a resolution of 1080 x 608, the PS3 version runs at 960 x 544. This equals a less sharp and detailed image.

              I guess if you have a smallish TV the difference won't be as noticeable, but trust me - it's there.

              EDIT: That's all from me here unless it's on topic - apologies Vahn.
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                Iron Guy
                Team Deathmatch on Radiation


                All up in my kool-aid.

                Even my goddamn character looked surprised to find a guy RIGHT IN MY FACE as I tilted my camera back down.
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                  I had a great example of the spawn system tonight.

                  I was playing on radiation. My team was around the quarter to half way point and they started spawning behind use. I can understand if an friendly was in their spawn but even then its pushing it. But no one was even close to their spawn.

                  I think if this magic line was pushed back to the 3/4 of the map, not what seems to be a little over half the map and one person can trip the spawn flip.

                  In array they will spawn in the low section, you spawn in the low section, etc.

                  You shouldn't have full teams spawning 10 m behind you as nearly as it happens. The WAW spawn system was nearly prefect
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                    Spawning is a complicated issue. I wonder, how much is a spawn devalued based on an enemy being in the vicinity? My worst experience was on Hanoi during ground war, when for a minute and a half both teams were continually spawning in the back courtyard behind A. 2 enemies would spawn run out 3 feet, and have 3 of our players spawn and kill them. This just continued to happen, until i decided to sprint into the building and go on my way. Very odd
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                      Sane Hedrone
                      Can I ask why you guys haven't implemented a respawn delay?

                      I mean, judging by what you've said, it would give your system a significantly higher chance of placing someone in a "good" spawn.

                      Or am I just completely off?
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                        I am the biggest Domination player Vahn, I LOVE the aspect to where you can control where the other teams spawns so there is no random aspect to the game, like TDM.

                        I can't play it anymore, the spawns are SO erratic it's unbelievable, you have seen the videos that have been posted.

                        If a team has the A flag, they should spawn at A.  Simple.  If the opposite team is in all of the optional areas to spawn, THEN switch the spawns. 

                        Another BIG flaw with Domination is that 2/3 of the time you don't spawn at B when you have a A-B or B-C combo.  I can't defend B properly this way and playing with randoms is hard enough.

                        What I'm asking is make the spawns a bit more rugged, and space them out a bit more, you've already seen why.
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                          mateen110 wrote:


                          This video sums it up.......

                          Wow, GREAT VIDEO. This is by far the best I have ever seen when it comes to spawning, and it seems to capture what is really a very common Domination Game. Mr. Vahn, please watch that one!!

                          As far as my personal experiences go, I have also noticed that the spawns generally only occur at one section of the map. For example, every time I play on Havana, each team spawns on the road with the big gunners and sand bags. One team will spawn on one side, and the other will spawn at the opposite end of the street (usually, that is... there are times when they will spawn directly in sight behind you, on the opposite side of the street). The end result is that action is only taking place on a very small section of the map - within a radius of 100 meters. You guys at Treyarch did a great job making these fantastically detailed maps, so why allow them to be wasted?

                          As much as I hate to compare this game to MW2, I will briefly do so just for the simple fact that most have played that game and have a general understanding as to how things work. In my opinion, the Team Death Match spawns in MW2 had great balance. What I mean by this is that they would hold long enough for teams to effectively gauge where the enemy is based on their mini-map, but if things got too out of hand they would flip. In Black Ops, on the other hand, the spawns are very quick to flip and are more similar to a Free For All spawning system - it is extremely difficult to understand where the enemy might be coming from based on the mini-map. Players seem to spawn at random locations, and situations arise where one team will have a group of enemies in front while there are more spawning behind them.

                          Domination should spawn you near your captured flag. As the video mentioned, controlling the spawns is part of the game in Domination. However, it is very hard to do this when teams will spawn at flags that they don't currently own, even though their flag is still a safe spawn option. It seems that the game wants to spawn people too close to the action, instead of in the safety of their own area. I believe that players would gladly deal with having to run a little further if it meant that they could spawn and feel secure, giving them time to call in care packages, etc.

                          In all, I am really enjoying Black Ops and think that this game has great potential. I am very impressed with the job that you are doing, Mr. Vahn. I feel that the way that you address the community should be used as a model for game developers, and will hopefully change the way that relationships with the community are handled in the future. Thank you.
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