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    Black Ops Feedback

      - Graphics have been cut from the standard set by MW2, please fix this.

      - Dedicated servers for PS3 and Xbox360 please.

      - SR-71 take off glitch (Takes off on its own)

      - Headshots in one in the chamber should take out 2 lives

      -  Please make Khe Sanh mission more enjoyable, some way or another. (Maybe have them stop constantly charging at you)

      - Spawn system is problematic- especially in nuketown

      - Give full control of helicopter for gunship killstreak (including altitude control)

      - Dogs are overpowered- they absolutely DECIMATE the other team! gunship does not compare, especially if they have ghost on

      - I have not tried this weapon myself, but many people are saying the AK-74U is overpowered (please don't let this become like the MP40)

      - Bayonets are gone, please fix!

      - Shotguns need a MAJOR buff. As of now, they are useless. More range and less spread would be really good.

      - I know people will hate, but I want to see juggernaut back. It adds more variety to the amount of bullets it takes to kill someone with a specific weapon.

      - The singleplayer AI needs some fixing. Also, upgraded combat training AI would be awesome.

      - Flamethrower attachment absolutely decimates all existing shotguns. (same range, same power, higher rate of fire)

      - Suppressor shouldn't take off power- I put a suppressor on the FAMAS and the Dragunov and it has rendered them useless. You could have suppressors take off accuracy, but they shouldn't mess with power please.

      -  This isn't a problem for me, but others have been saying that the knife range is too high

      - I can't hear footsteps. Ive seen the killcams of people who run up to my back and knife me. They do not have ninja on and I don't hear them coming even though my sound is pretty high.

      PS. If you have ghost pro on can you be seen by the chopper gunner and the gunship, or is it just the red diamond that disappears?
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          Re: Black Ops Feedback
          One more thing treyarch, I just want to make sure you guys know that I am not a complainer. Black Ops was awesome and I consider it the best of the series. However, I would wish you wouldn't just disregard my post because it contains some valid problems.
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            Re: Black Ops Feedback
            one last MAJOR suggestion

            The hitboxes in Call of Duty are HUGE. I have noticed this problem twice. Once in TDM and once in One in the Chamber. I was at Launch(TDM) and aimed the m16 a FOOT away from the hip, and I killed him. Same problem happened in one in the chamber, except it was with a pistol.
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