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        10. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

        Anything to make it a bit easier to snipe would be SO great! Good work guys, I really hope you go through with this! You really will win the support of SOO many more players
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          11. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

          davedemp8 wrote:


          Just make it like Cod4 and everyone will be happy.


          DING, DING, DING! We have a winner!

          Honestly Vaugn, why can't it just be like Call of Duty 4?

          It's fine JD_2020 started all this stuff about "Gimping Quick Scoping" because he's seen OpTic Predators or Toysolders, etc montages on YouTube and thought, "My god this is so overpowered"

          Funny thing is it's not. Now back to Quick Scoping in MW2 with my handy dandy SoH. Oh is that n00by? Give me Marathon and I can do it.

          I LoL at kids who say Sniping is 110% aim assist. I honestly do.
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            12. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
            Have you ever considered just forcing the removal of auto-aim for snipers completely (or turning it "on" after scoped in for a short duration like you have right now with shots registering where they are lined up) along with Sleight of Hand Pro being removed for snipers?

            And I don't mean to be an opportunist but any final word on PS3 getting Dual-log in patched? I think I read that it would be possible but I just want to know how likely. Sorry, I know it's off topic but I just had to get that in there, I just hope that it doesn't get ignored in the end as a means of "well they don't care anymore/they forgot about it"

            Keep it up and continue working on the core issues. Connection issues/freezing the system, knife lunge, spawning (which I believe was hotfixed), and sniping are the big things. Glad to see that you guys have been on top of all of it.
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              13. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
              Vahn I cant applaud you enough for your efforts to please everybody and I know it's not easy.

              I am excited for the update as I am more of an AR or SMG guy but do like to pull out the sniper rifle now and then on maps like havana and jungle so some updates to improve them would be outstanding.

              Great game glad to see the kinks being ironed out and by the way wager matches and currency were pure genius of ideas. 10k games really are intense but I love it.

              Ps Are you guys done with spawn and matchmaking updates or still more to come?
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                14. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

                Kastro187420 wrote:


                If you go on Call of Duty 4 NOW however, its a far different story. Its not uncommon to see 2-3 people per team trying to quick-scope/no-scope on Call of Duty 4.

                Yeah, I bought that game yesterday so I can try out some hot mature quickscoping action myself. 

                A lot of the maps don't necessarily favor the snipers, but that's fine, because that's what Scout Pro is for.

                But, as I'm sure you've heard, it's pretty hard to snipe reasonably.

                I am glad that you guys are working on it, though. It's very appreciated.
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                  15. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                  You have my support!
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                    16. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                    Just tossing this idea out there, but would it be possible to make a perk (possibly Scout) remove the sway from the beginning? This would make Scout the sniping perk, regardless of playstyle. It would also make it so quickscopers couldn't use any other perks in that tier, like steady aim.

                    Just an idea.

                    EDIT: of course 'hardscopers' could still use other perks if they don't mind the sway.
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                      17. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                      hey Vahn i'd love the new updates especially the hit marker one although i have gotten used to the sniper sway when you scope in.
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                        18. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                        I've gotten a bit used to the sway as well (although I prefer no sway at all). The thing I hate the most is getting hitmarkers on the chest and even HEAD, seriously? xP
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                          19. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                          If you want to listen to the community, make it the way World at War sniping was. I was 10th prestige in that game and not once did I ever hear someone complain about the snipers. You act as if we want to ruin the game. We are the consumers and we just want our voice to be heard and you pretty much are saying that our voice is just a small part of the equation. Don't put on this facade like you are listening and responding when in fact you are only listening and responding, and still doing what we don't want done. If you directly gave the community a chance to vote then it would work fine. Put a poll on the game itself and only allow players with a certain amount of hours or days to vote on whether they want the snipers back to how they were. Nobody dislikes how they were in Cod4 or WaW. Maybe a few who you have spoke to but I guarantee you they are the vast minority.

                          Go into any game and ask people if they like the snipers, they will say no. It's not that they are underpowered, they are unbalanced. You will always get crap for having an almost perfect game if you do not fix the sniping. I would love to see the average k/d of a person using an L96. I bet it is under .8 at the highest. Fix the snipers, period.
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