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        20. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
        ok that really sounds good. idk about the "slowly" part but i guess beggars cant bet choosers.  i have a question tho. do any of the devs actually read the forums like posts that are labeled "issues" and what not?
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          21. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
          Thanks for replying Vahn.

          I have a few main problems with the sniping

          1) The first thing is the random sway when scoping. I mean, isn't taking off aim assist and off center shots to start with bad enough? The fact that I can't do anything when scoping in is not good considering the next point

          2) Being out-sniped by ARs. Thanks to the damage view kick if I'm being sniped by an AR I'm usually dead. I can't line up a retaliating shot. The best example is in array i was sniping someone with the dragonuv. For whatever reason i get a hit-marker on his head as he's running away from my direction (lets not get into that) he instantly turns around and starts shooting me with perfect accuracy. I spend 2 seconds trying to line up a shot but since bullets apparently really, hurt my scope was jumping all over the place. Obviously i was killed but this brings up an important issue.

          3) Damage: The snipers with all their deficiencies are added yet another one. Their damage sucks. I'm not going to bring the realism argument (frankly it's stupid) Why aren't they OSK with a suppresser on someone's head? Really, who came up with that? Considering that there aren't very many places to snipe in the game, a suppressor would encourage people to find really well placed sniping positions. But that won't happen if the supressors suck.

          My Solution

          1) The snipers should all be OSK on the main body. The L96 should be a OSK through the entire body (being bolt action) If you do this, maybe increase randomness when scoped in? Such as instead of the bullets going perfectly through the center of the scope maybe a few degrees at a certain range or even bullet drop (probably a bad idea but who knows   ) Same thing with suppesors but with lower range and more inaccuracy.

          2) The scope in inaccuracy removed and only the supressor damage changed.

          3) Put me on the development team in your position.  

          sorry, got ahead of myself there.
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            22. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
            This gets the Communist seal of approval!
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              23. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

              Kastro187420 wrote:


              JAlenX06 wrote:


              And you guys were concerned about the players that were complaining about the snipers being overpowered, they probably complain about everything, to be completely honest. Sniping in Call of Duty 4, and World at War was perfectly fine, no one ever complained about it until Modern Warfare 2 came out. I can snipe in any of those three games with a K/D spread of 2.00+, but in Black Ops, I can barely finish neutral. The L96 is one of my favorite guns, although I only have 60 kills with it, and I'm pretty sure I have 5000+ kills in Call of Duty 4 with the M40A3, without anyone saying that I was overpowering people.

              Here's the problem I see with this line of thought:

              Until MW2 came out, QSing was just something you seen in a few montages here and there. It wasn't something that everyone was trying to do. Most people were attempting no-scopes, or just general ACOG sniping with the M40 (to abuse the glitch). If you go on Call of Duty 4 NOW however, its a far different story. Its not uncommon to see 2-3 people per team trying to quick-scope/no-scope on Call of Duty 4. And they are just as bad at it on there as MW2.

              If Black Ops adopted the same style as CoD4 and WaW, we'd have the same problem on Black Ops. Regular sniping (as it was intended to be) should be preserved. This patch that was put out hasn't caused me any problems with sniping, and that's because I'm not trying to R&G while sniping. If you are diligent, and pick your shots, you will come away positive while sniping. Its just more dependent on the map now (which is a downside I think).

              Aside from that, and the silencer issue, I haven't seen all these problems that people are suggesting snipers have in Black Ops. Granted, I haven't watched every video out there, I seem to get along just fine when trying to just snipe.

              And there are people who are like me, who are mobile snipers, that are always in motion, but only behind their team. the patch destroyed that.
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                24. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

                Anchormanly wrote:


                Don't put on this facade like you are listening and responding when in fact you are only listening and responding, and still doing what we don't want done.

                Did you read his post?

                You need to work on your tonality man, you're coming across real harsh. Can you at least ask him nicely?

                The world isn't just you. The man has a lot of people to make happy, give him a break and let the team think about it.

                Quickscopers are fine in my eyes. Being rude isn't.
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                  25. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

                  I want to thank you for posting this reply and responding to my twitter.
                  The response is exactly what the mature aduience of these forums needed.

                  To the forum community,

                  As I stated before in many posts and replies... Please keep things civil and organized.
                  There is nothing more embarrassing than having a group of people make our sniping community look childish and immature .
                  Please show respect in your posts and arguments. (I know this is hard to do with all the trolls.)
                  Respect other peoples opinions and calmly state yours.

                  Our thoughts and ideas do matter, BUT only when they are posted in a tasteful & respectful way.
                  If you want to be heard, and actually have your thoughts considered please do not stray away from being an adult.

                  As to Sniping.
                  Be thankful for any changes to come - do not expect too much.
                  These changes I'm sure will be more of a "Happy Medium."which should be respected.
                  These things will not happen over night and shouldn't.
                  Weapon tuning is something important and should be tested thoroughly.

                  I've stated my opinions about sniping too many times to get into detail anymore, so I will clap with joy with any tweaks we recieve.

                  Thank you.
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                    26. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                    Thank you very much Vagn. Your effort is greatly appreciated.

                    I really think that the snipers are great, but very unbalanced. The only problem i see is that, 3/4 of the time when you scope in and shoot directly on a person, within the first couple seconds... the bullet does not count. That is very unfair, and should be fixed immideatly. And i agree with the many people saying the sniping should be just like COD 4, it was simply fair.

                    This change was just a bit too much.
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                      27. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                      well any positive change to the sniper rifle is a good thing in my book. the whole randomized bullet when you scope in for the first second should go away if you get rid of that everyone will be happy.
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                        28. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                        It always seems the vocal ones say sniping is fine in cod4 but the silent majority really does disagree. I personally hated how the ACOG would allow the m40a3 to one shot any body part if you were not using juggernaut. No one ever used anything outside of the m40a3 acog and rarely a Barrett .50cal. No one used the dragonuv, r700, or m21 in core (I heard the m21 is amazing in hardcore). Sniping was better in world at war because there was no "montage gun" that could kill to any body part.

                        Imagine for a second that the l96 had the same damage multipliers and the +5 damage from the acog like the m40a3 from cod4 and quickscoping was the same as mw2 or even cod4. Within a few days the l96 would be the dominant gun because of the ability to easily kill at close, medium, and far range. Why use a shotgun when the m40a3 is already a shotgun? Why use an ak47 when it takes two-three bullets to kill and the m40a3 only takes one?  My point being is that no gun should excel at all 3 ranges with such ease. I have heard people complain that the assault rifles and bland and too similar. I don't know about you guys, but I would rather take 5 or so bland and similar assault rifles over just 1 sniper.

                        Sniping are just fine as is. Snipers make a great anti-camper tool and you can use your gun to control sectors of the map. For example, I was playing array domination the other day and the enemy team had a sniper camping behind A. I had just prestiged so I only had the enfield and m16 to use. I couldn't run right at him because he would kill me before I had the chance to kill him because the enfield has a fair amount of recoil at range. That means to deal with him I would have to flank around the entire map just to kill him. Thus, 1 player was able to defend a big chunk of the map just by himself. You cannot do that with an smg or shotgun. You cannot dominate close range with most assault rifles (unless its the AUG + steady aim sprayer type).

                        TL:DR all guns now have a opportunity cost for using, learn to adjust.
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                          29. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                          First of all thank you for making a thread like this. I agree that quick-scoping blew up in mw2, because it was easier than before, with the addition of SOH pro. Because of this, previous Call of Duty games that may not have had a huge amount of quickscoping in the past, had increased amounts of quickscoping. I think when Cod4 was new, Reg-Scope sniping was balanced. When waw was new, sniping was balanced. MW2 seems to have ruined everything for us. Thats why I think that we should

                          1. get rid of the acog scope
                          2. get rid of slight of hand pro (done)
                          3. make a perk to stop the randomization of bullets when quick scoping in blackops, maybe a pro version of an existing perk
                          4. make it so you have to earn the regular scope

                          also, I was wondering if there was any way to make dlc which would add blood and gore to multiplayer? and could somebody please look at this chopper gunner glitch and see if its worth trying to fix? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8kVqyg0ubw

                          If there is something that you disagree with here or is illogical and I haven't noticed feel free to tell me.

                          edit: I also think that a contributing factor to the hatred towards quickscopers is not because they dominate every lobby like the ump did in mw2, but because when you die from an intervention, you had no chance to react, but the thing is, they worked just as hard or harder for the kill as you would've with an assault rifle, you just didn't get the chance to turn on them in most cases. Personally I am not a fan of SOH quickscoping. In mw2 I would use a marathon intervention. In cod4 I would use a regscope m40 or berret, in WAW i used the Springfeild. And I always snipe in an active manner moving around the map the whole game. Why did I gimp myself when sniping in these games? Because its more satisfying to know that you worked way harder for your kills, and still won the FFA, or still had the best K/D and most kills in the TDM. But as it stands in blackops, I think that its just frustrating because the snipers are now so underpowered. this last paragraph may be seen as bias because it caters to my playstyle...i'm sorry but these are just my views, and I think it makes for a more fair and exciting experience. and by the way I usually lead the lobby when I snipe in any cod game. I'm not trying to say I'm good, I'm just saying I don't hinder my team. Thanks for reading, and thanks to David for making this thread.
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