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    Post your XMB Network Results Here


      We are building up our infrastructure capacities to get better testing simulation of real world Internet. I would consider it a personal favor if you posted your XMB network test results here.

      We need a variety of results. Not just people with bad-ass connections. So, please get your friends with the "not so good" Internet to also post.


      When I play-test or play with the community, I use a vDSL (virtual DSL) line. My results are:

      UPnP:           Not Available
      NAT Type:   2
      Download:    366.3 kbs
      Upload:         343.9 kbs

      (Note: I don't need your IP, and the test will fail if you can't connect to the Internet, or Playstation network.)

      This is at "not so great" Internet connection, but should suffice to be able to play the game with a decent host. Note that the XMB test may report "Failed" for Download/Upload and then eventually populate with data. So be patient.

      Please run this test when you normally play.

      For example:
      -If you normally play when you get home from work and your girlfriend is surfing Facebook on her wireless... run the test then. 
      -If your normally play at 10:00pm after your wife and kids go to bed. Run the test and report

      Thanks for all your help in advance.

      David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar
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