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        60. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension
        i think its on the island ascension like we have been saying for a week now.
        it has an emergency landing strip for space shuttles.
        we already found the pic of the zombified space monkey.... he crash landed there and it all went to sh*t
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          61. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension

          ThePopesHat wrote:


          TheLoneWolf1 wrote:


          John Smith wrote:


          IMO, the two maps released with the game are larks.  Neither one of them seem to fit with anything.  Granted there may be some clues to stuff around the maps but the locations and the meaning behind the maps mean nothing to the original story arc.   (near as I can tell)

          Nact, was the first had no meaning to the story that came later.

          The next three maps are a journey of exploring the origin of the zombie. 

          Verrukt, (my personal favorite) an insane asylum where 115 experiments were conducted on patients.  It was the beginning of the loosely knitted story that we know now, introducing us to element 115, basically starting to explore the origin of the zombies. 
          Shi No Numa, Japanese swamp camp introducing us to the meteor that 115 comes from and the introduction of Richtofen and more clues to the experimentation of 115 and its uncontrollable effects on people. 
          Der Riese, tells exactly the origin of the zombies and the roll Richtofen has played in its development.

          The thing that tied these maps together was the exploration of the origination of the zombie.

          Now we have:

          Kino Under Toten, which seems to be tied to the original story arc because we have the original characters in it.  But we are in a German theater years later.  And does not fit.  Verrukt fits because it is an experimentation location, Shi No Numa fits because it is a source element location, Der Riese fits because it is the embodiment of the "Nazi crazy" that made all of this possible.  All three locations show the three elements that have contributed to the zombie apocalypse.

          Kino Under Toten doesn't appear to have any relevance to the original search for the origin of the zombie.  It is just a big map with new guns and new stuff like the fire sale.  Personally I think it was inspired by the theater in Inglorious Basterds but whatever. 

          Pentagon map, wow, whatever.  I would think that the zombie maps with the game would lay down the beginning of a new story arc for dlc.  However, I don't see one.  Or at least I don't see one I'm interested in.

          If someone sees the foundation for a new story arc in the latest maps please clue me in.  Because I don't see it.  These are technically good maps with no meaning.  They just have a lot of window dressing with no substance.  No story just BS.

          Dear Treyarch, the story is what captures the imagination.  By the way, No Time Travel, time travel is stupid and a lazy mans way out of a jam.  Come on you guy's you can do better than this.  You have already shown it with the originals.   Forget about the window dressing and concentrate on the story.

          End of Rant

          Yes, Kino der Toten does not fit, but it does give us some hints about the new characters, via the portaits, but then again, maybe Kino der toten is an introduction (Just like WAW nacht) To the black ops zombies. Not ZOMBIES. but BLACK OPS ZOMBIES.     Since there is new guns and all.

          Actually, if you follow the radios and film reels, it fits in extremely well. The theater was a place used by 935 to condition their zombie soliders for war.
          It's gathered that the goal of the 935 was to create an undead army that could crush the opposition but were out of control, My theory is that the theater was used in an experiment, in which zombies were placed inside the containers (with a window at the front so they could see) and forced to watch films and listen to sounds to brainwash (MKultra style) the zombies into becoming controllable by 935  (sorta like the brainwashing scene in clockwork orange)

          There are radios where this is confirmed, about a test subject having breakthroughs after being subjected to various projections.

          Make sense/?

          Edit: **** ninja'd 

          makes perfect sense
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            62. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension
            yes it does and der riese and kino are linked becuase they use the teleporter in der riese to get there what if they needed ALOT of element 115 to teleport to kino der untoten?
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              63. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension
              youd think theyed call it area 51 :s
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                64. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension

                fallenangel700 wrote:


                tex_ty wrote:


                MAYBE ITS AREA 51!!!!!!! FINNALY!!!!!!!!!

                nope it's soposidly a light house. what's at the top, we must ascend form the darkness and go to the light.
                you can see a lighthouse in the der riesie teleapoters.
                i fact you can see the gas zombies too.
                the teleapoters images must have been to hint at the next maps.
                some one watch them and see what else is in there

                You are right. You can see the images in the teleporter, but there are also images of what I belive to bee the next three maps. Carbonfibah pointed this out in a post a long time back. In Der Riese there are three pictures in the trench gun room. One of a theater, one of a lighthouse, and one of the eifel tower. There were also three floorboards scattered on der riese, and they read GER, ENG, and FRA. Obviously the theater and the GER floorboard come together to make Kino Der Toten. FRA floorboard and the eifel tower are going to be in the second DLC I believe. But, as you pointed out, acsension does mean to rise, so thereforth I believe this map "Ascension" will take place in an abandoned lighthouse in England. But, all of this could be wrong because lets not forget at the end of of the campaign, transitioning into "Five", we hear mason say, "Ascension". This could go either way: into the WaW story(Kino,Der Riese) or the new black ops story(Five). If this does go into the BO storyline, I suspect ascension to take place in the much overdue Area 51 map. I believe this because of the Shi NO Numa transmisission. Or I believe it will take place in Tunguska Russia, for reasons I d o not know. I back that up with the fact thAT INE ONE OF THE TREEHOUSES IN sHI NO HAS tungska written int it.
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                  65. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension
                  I just want to fill in everyone here. Lokk up the 935 coalition. There is a lot of stuff there. The terminal is important to the storyline of zombies. Majestic 12= very important. The terminal has pieces from Dr.Maxis, explaining that Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai are all test subjects, that Dr.Maxis has workedon, and are being followed by richtofen. Why do you think Richtofen just happened to meet the three in shi no numa. This explains the dialouge at the begining of Kino. And just a question, how does samantha tie into any of this?
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                    66. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension

                    tex_ty wrote:


                    MAYBE ITS AREA 51!!!!!!! FINNALY!!!!!!!!!

                    its not going to be area 51
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                      67. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension
                      samantha is using the caracters
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                        68. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension

                        Piedie12 wrote:


                        samantha is using the caracters

                        that's random
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                          69. Re: New Zombie Map Ascension
                          Well wherever it is the new zombies is going to be epic, i personally don't think five has anything to do with the storyline and is just a spinoff, also thats why the hell hounds arn't at five because sametha isn't and it dosen't lead to anywhere kino der toten does though, we just need a bit more time to work things out, i mean not many people made the connection beetween the hanging man in shi no numa and verriuct so who knows what will happen.
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