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    What I want in the new map pack & future updates

      I want....

      1.) One in the chamber in the rat tunnels in Vietnam with a flashlight and a revolver and no way out. (place where swift died)

      2.) to have different killstreak loadouts depending on which team you spawn with i.e. OP40, tropas, NVA, etc.

      3.) Headshots should take away 2 lives in one in the chamber.

      4.) Valkyrie rocket weapon switch glitch fix

      5.) MAC 11 and Olympia need to be buffed... BIG TIME

      6.) Control of the alititude of the gunship in multiplayer and singleplayer.

      7.) Carry teammates in Gunship and have them man the chopper gunners on both sides. 40 kill streak?

      8.) EMP killstreak! bring it back. Make the electronic damage permanent. (Only way to have working electronics is to respawn) 20 killstreak?

      9.) My Lai mission add on in DLC (similar to No Russian in MW2) .

      10.)Multiplayer gore

      11.) I want the storyline of zombies to include nova 6 and steiner. Steiner could be the new Richtofen? lol

      12.) I want Woods alive...

      13.) More enemies in singleplayer should move around. As of now they just stand still and shoot at your position till you cap their heads. This will make the AI seem smarter

      14.) Link between Nova 6 and Element 115.

      15.) Bring back the bayonets!
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          Re: What I want in the new map pack & future updates
          One more thing Trey, I want a final ending to what happened with Richtofen and his 3 buddies. DAMN forgot their names,
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            Re: What I want in the new map pack & future updates
            1) To be honest I think that this would be quite pointless as the tunnels are very tight and flash lights would give away enemy positions

            2) Cool idea but something's bound to be over/under powered, and you know what the community's like.

            3) Terrible for balance.

            4) Can't comment, not experienced

            5) Mac 11 is decent, hard to use well though and none of the shotguns need to be buffed, just more reliable in CQC

            6) Not to sure how I feel about this, could be overpowered as it would be too hard to hide as the gunship could easily find a window in your hiding spot.

            7) No, just no  

            8) Don't think it is the right time frame, however the EMP was one of the most under-rated MW2 killstreaks.

            9) Not sure what this is but I would love campaign DLC, but alas 3arc won't provide any, they'll just wait for the inevitable sequel.

            10) Treyarch said that it would take up to much space on the disk.

            11) Nova 6 zombies exist and Steiner exists in a separate ''universe'' if you will to the zombie characters.

            12) There's some evidence on the main menu computer to suggest Woods is alive, do your own research.

            13) That would be cool, but won't happen let's be honest.

            14) I think we should wait for the new zombie maps for that.

            15) Wrong time-frame again.

            16) See number 14
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