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        10. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
        I posted this in another thread, but it seems best suited for here:

        A half a second invulnerability time seems very excessive. Think about it in these terms:

        many of the most common guns (SMGs and ARs) people use shoot 937 shots per minute, or approximately 8 shots per half second (others, like the ak74u shoot 6-7 shots per half second). That means that after you've already shot a person enough times to kill them, you have to continue to shoot them more than 8-9 more times (or 6-7 in the case of the 74u and other 750 shots per minute weapons) in order to finally kill them in 2nd chance.

        So for example: Even with perfect accuracy, if you shoot someone with an MPL from 25 meters away, the 1st 5 shots will put this person into 2nd chance, the next 8 shots will not register because the person is invulnerable, and the 14 shot will finally kill the person.

        Requiring 14 perfectly accurate shots to kill a person seems clearly excessive. But I understand that an invulnerability period is necessary because otherwise 2nd chancers would almost never reach 2nd chance, especially against automatic weapons. My recommendation is to make the invulnerability period of second chance considerably smaller, maybe .2 seconds. This means that 2-3 additional shots from an automatic weapon would hit the invulnerable second chancer before the kill shot. This seems more reasonable man 6-9. 

        Additionally, I also am in strong support of the idea of making shotguns shoot through 2nd chance. The prevailing opinion seems to be that shotguns are underpowered, and one main reason for this is they are most vulnerable to 2nd chance (close to the enemy, small clip size, slow fire speed).
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          11. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
          Definitively make the shotguns not drop someone into second chance, the l86 shouldnt too but if you guys give the kill to the person that drops instead of the one that finished the job it wont matter. But when you have a stakeout and someone drops into second chance and you get killed its really annoying and just makes the shotguns worst when compared to other types of guns.
          Adding everything to MOD except for bullets would be nice and if you guys could reduce the invulnerability time from 0.5 to something smaller that would be a good way to avoid alot of the frustration that Second Chance can bring.

          Also If you could add iddle sway and increase the recoil in the pistols while in second chance that would also be great and would make second chancers work alot harder to get their kills
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            12. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
            I have to agree with dt01 only people wearing the perk should be able to revive.
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              13. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations

              DeFy RaGe wrote:


              If a person falls into 2nd chance, either end their killstreak or make them restart it if they get revived.  And don't allow 2nd chance kills to count towards killstreaks.  that is if you guys agree with this.

              This is a great suggestion!!
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                14. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                Oh and one more thing in Call Of Duty 4 if you had last stand on it would take you're health down from 100% to 95% if you have Second Chance it kinda gives you 105% health just wondering if you guys could do this!
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                  15. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                  Personally, my main concern (as I said in the other thread) was the Invincibility bit, and the Primary Weapons killing inside of Second Chance. While I'm not happy about the Invincibility period remaining, I think it might be ok if the bug (I'm going to call it a bug, correct me if I'm wrong) that allows Primary weapons to fire is fixed. In this way, you wont' have someone firing off a shotgun to your face as you kill them, or unloading with an AK47 as they fall, but have you be unable to touch them.

                  So if that much is done, I think I can live with the 0.5 seconds.

                  My other concern is mainly the Sniper Rifle thing. I think its great you're going that route for Shotguns (or at least considering it). But Sniper Rifles really do need it unfortunately. Currently, there are too many factors that make a precise headshot on a target quite difficult to hit unless they are stationary (Which most aren't).

                  When you factor in Lag, Anti-Lag, Lightweight, and the overall bad map design (in terms of favoring Sniper Rifles), getting the time to line up that Headshot just generally doesn't happen on a moving target, short of luck.  I would be willing to even compromise and say "Upper-Chest" and better could be a 1hko against Second Chance, and anything lower takes 2.

                  But, upon thinking again for just a moment, I think another solution which you mentioned you might consider, was to give Credit to the player who knocked the guy into Second Chance. This would be nice aswell because we wouldn't have to take the 2nd shot into the enemy with our Sniper. If we drop him, we can let a teammate finish him off and still get the kill.

                  So if you won't allow Sniper Rifles to make the list of "Negate Second Chance" weapons, then please at least consider definitely implementing the change that gives the kill credit to the player who puts them down initially, as that would accomplish the same result for the Sniper.
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                    16. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations

                    Vahn wrote:


                    -We are considering allowing shotgun users who do sufficient damage to a 2nd Chance user to put him out of his misery straight away

                    I like this 
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                      17. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                      firstly: give the kill to the person who puts the guy in second chance and an assist to the person who then shoots the guy in second chance. put your already considering this.

                      and also:
                      add a symbol that pops up when you shoot a second chance user, like the juggernaught one in previous games.

                      the shotgun idea sounds brill as well.
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                        18. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                        Hi David,

                        Personally I do not have a problem with this perk however I do think it could be tuned.
                        This is feedback based on what I have seen, heard and experienced in 5 days playtime.

                        1. I think the most annoying thing about Second Chance for most people is that the person who knocked them to the ground doesn't get attributed with the kill, just an assist. I have to agree this makes no sense as it is the person finishing them off (no homo) that is assisting. The player who knocked them into Second Chance did all the damage and all of the work. Surely it is their kill?

                        2. It is called second chance, yet players can be revived and infinite number of times, this seems unfair especially as Second Chance Pro is so easy to achieve. Surely one revive is all a second chance user should get? After that perhaps they should die as normal? Either that or make Second Chance Pro more of a challenge to obtain.

                        3. Some people have suggested that if you go into second chance and get revived it should reset your killstreaks. This may seem to nullify the point of the perk but on the other hand being revived in a significant location in an objective game mode is a high reward, as opposed to re-spawning way back at the other side of the map. Campers do benefit from building killstreaks using this perk.

                        Apart from these points I think it is fairly balanced. (except when the whole enemy team is using it, grrrrr!) :0)
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                          19. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                          My suggestions within described parameters:
                          1. Red screen while in LS.
                          2. Your knife does NOTHING during the .5 seconds of invulnerability.(I personally think it's crap that he gets the kill cuz he decided to rush panic knife me knowing he's got LS and will get the final attack). If we're that close to begin with, why's he even getting to go into LS?

                          **And I'm sorry, I'm NOT attempting to be a jerk or "nerd rage"(whatever that means..) but Precision is absolutely NOT your advantage with a sniper rifle this CoD.**
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