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        20. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
        but the things that annoy me more than the perk it self, is the means that you can kill sombody, with ur primary the same time as then go into second chance.

        say you have a 1v1 gun fight. the person with second chance is using somthing like an uzi with rapid fire. that split second of invunriblitity means that the bullet that shouldnt have been fired had fired, the result? your dead the other person is in second chance.

        also the knife drives me nuts.


        my ps3 must have some mistory machanic in it not alowing me to knife (happens in all cods) why cant you just reduce the knife damage to 0 in last stand, besides, if you watch the animation they would be knifing ther own leg. not you,

        a further improvment could be that they see the animation. leaving them with a split second of blindess where they can just see their own leg, or even like when u plant the bomb u can only see the sides of ur vision (the word escapes me)

        also what about hardend pro? how about if a player a is using harded pro and player b is using second chance. why cant player a kill player b without him dropping into second chance.

        im glad to hear your patching it and as a avid shotgun user -WHICH ARE  NOT UNDERPOWERED they are the most balenced in ANY COD- it is realy annoying when this happens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZi0meV4mkw

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          21. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
          I agree, the main issue is people using the knife or primaries on the way down in SC... and while you guys are looking, why do I still make sounds when climbing or reloading when using Ninja Pro ? Sorry, a little off topic but........ In S&D it makes a huge difference! 
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            22. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
            Thank you for posting this. It would really be awesome.
            But actually I think snipers should get a direct kill, even if the enemy has Final Stand. It's already so hard to snipe in this game because you get outclassed by SMG's an Assault Rifles. Before you can take your time to take that 2nd shot, someone else already "stole" your kill, or he just go simply revived. I know snipers are precise (actually they're not that accurate in this game...) and they can get headshots, but still, isn't a bullet in the chest enough to kill someone? Aren't the CoD tittle's as realistic as possible? Because in real life, a bullet from a bolt action rifle is deadly in one hit, nomather where you get hit.

            Although it's great that this is posted and I hope it gets realised soon! Also my excuses for my bad English, I'm from Belgium, we don't speak English here.
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              23. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
              I'm all for team work, I've loved the medic ability since Call of Duty 3 but I believe only players that have the second chance perk should be able to revive other players with the second chance perk and not just anyone; I actually think being able to revive a player even more than one time per life would be okay in that situation. It usually doesn't happen often anyways.
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                24. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                It all sounds nice a good changing the fact of giving the kill to the guy who put him in second chance.  But this now means i have to needlessly put myself on the ememy radar to finish off that guy just for a lousy assist just because the original person wasn't good enough to finish him off.  I dont like it, I say give a kill to both people (with only one counting to the actual score in TDM obviously) or keep it how it is.  The shotgun idea is a great one though
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                  25. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                  Thanks for considering this perk

                  I have a suggestion, it may be stupid though.

                  Instead of a 0.5sec invincibility period, how about removing it BUT making it so the first 2-3 bullets that hit the player as they are falling are not counted, but after that they do damage.

                  This would mean the player still has a chance at successfully going into last chance, but the other player also still has a chance at killing him  while he is falling providing he can keep a steady aim at him as he falls, this would reward players that actually know when someone is about to 2nd chance and take him down without wasting half a mag of ammo (like i have done, alot) when they keep a bead on the player as they fall. It also won't make SC pointless as there are a lot of players who are taken suprise by SC and stop firing or lose target as they fall.


                  I also approve the shotgun idea, i love using the olympia even though it is quite weak, and i hate those times where for some reason it takes 2 shots only to get them into SC and then kill me as i either reload or try switch to my pistol

                  Oh, and would you consider taking the knife out of SC? Getting knifed by someone just as they SC is quite frustrating
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                    26. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                    The "dazed" and disoriented feeling to it would be great, the screen should feel the way you feel after 3 seconds caught in Nova Gas.. Not to the point where you can't control it anymore but to the point where you don't have the same reflexes as if you had 100% health, i dont want to make real life comparisons since this is a video game but the realistic choice would be to keep them in that state until they die. I mean, second chance is just a second chance after being shot to death meaning that you can still attempt to shoot but you're hurting like crazy and you're nearly to the point of actually dying.

                    Also, I noticed someone on the forum said that players in prone cant spin as fast as second chance users and I have also seen that in the game. Clearly, this doesnt make sense due to the fact that a prone player is still alive and kicking and full of energy as opposed to a second chance player who got a miracle and is holding on to their last breath hoping to get revived.. Spinning speed on prone should be increased and on second chance should be decreased.

                    The reviving timer should stay the same, any longer and no one is going to revive anyone and risk being killed.

                    Keep the .5 secs of invulnerability but take out the ability to shoot with primary and knife while they are falling..

                    Giving the kill to the person who put them in second chance is an GREAT addition and should be implemented RIGHT NOW. I dont mind getting assists for killing people who are on the floor especially because of how easy it is to kill them. However, I do feel that whoever actually KILLS the player should get some sort of bonus aside from a simple assist, would it be possible to add a completely new kind of bonus to the game? Something like "FINISHER" that gives you 50 extra xp or close to that mentality.. That way you dont feel completely empty after killing someone and you can walk away with more than 40 exp for an assist.

                    Will post any more ideas as I think of them... I think its great that you are supporting this community because everyone was getting tired of being ignored and you are actually interacting with us as it should have been from the beginning. Thanks!

                    P.S- When are we getting a DOUBLE EXP weekend???
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                      27. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                      Not being able to fire or knife whilst in the invunerable period and only being revived once i think would be fair enough.
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                        28. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations

                        macca4671 wrote:


                        Not being able to fire or knife whilst in the invunerable period and only being revived once i think would be fair enough.

                        Oh and give the kill to the guy who puts them into second chance and the assist to the guy who finishes the job off.
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                          29. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations

                          suuky wrote:


                          and also:
                          add a symbol that pops up when you shoot a second chance user, like the juggernaught one in previous games.

                          I really like this idea. When someone uses Second Chance, you are not prepared to him having Second Chance. Most of the time I start reloading after I dropped someone, only to find out that he uses Second Chance and kills me, because I'm reloading..
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