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    Searching for Games

      I really need some help here.  Let me first say that my NAT is Open and my search is on default.  I cannot search for matches if I am in a room by myself.  It starts the search and I see it cycling.  In the upper right hand of the screen it will say found 50 matches.  After a few seconds, in the same spot, it will flash joining lobby and then go right back to 50 matches found.  I can search and join wager matches without at problem.  If a friend is hosting a room I can join them and they can search for a match and I join no problem, with an outstanding connection.  If I have no one online or no one playing the game type I wish to play my only other option is to look through my recent players list and try to join one of those rooms.  Not having control or the ability to play the game mode I desire is really starting to hinder my enjoyment of this game.  Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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          Re: Searching for Games

          I am having the same issue. on my pc it finds matches my internet is working fine, on ps3 nat is open under sys. bandwith is 424kbps. only way to join any matches is to join friends. keep saying waiting for host on hctdand any matches. check router rebooted ps3 like 5times.

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