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    OT Sitcom

      I was thinking the other day, that the people and events of OT would make a great sitcom! With such a rich selection of characters, and a wide array of OT-themed jokes, I think we'd be at the top of the ratings chart!

      Weird Guy enters room, PictureFrame is in the kitchen, and Daniel is building a house of cards.
      Picture: "So Weird, how was boot camp today?"
      Weird: "It was awful. Major Rodriguez made me do 200 push-ups. I can't feel my arms now."
      Picture: "Why did he make you do that?"
      Weird: "Because I bet him that I could do 200 push-ups!"
      Fake-Audience Laughter
      Daniel: "In that case, I'm glad that Major didn't cut you any slack."
      Weird: "Oh please. Major is twice as reasonable as you'll ever be."

      Weird knocks down Daniel's house of cards
      Daniel begins to curse in Dutch, and a fight scene begins
      After 30 seconds of action, a kitteh comes flying through the window and sprays blood over everyone
      EviL investigates the mess he made, says a witty comment, and runs out of the room

      Theme Song begins to play

      It needs some work, and new charaters will certainly be introduced. But overall, what do you think? Any ideas for future episodes?
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