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    Update - Jan 19 - Part 3 of 4


      A few days ago, we've submitted version 1.06 to both Microsoft and Sony for certification testing. My co-workers in production are working to get the list together and with a bit of luck we will update the sticky posts for you soon. I do not have a date for you yet. The process is not completely within our control. We do, however, intend to release the next update "as soon as possible."

      While working with some key and helpful members of the PS3 Call of Duty community directly, we were:

      - able to find and fix a common hard freeze (technically a crash)
      - improve the connectivity and reliability of connection between players (which has many cascading side effects seen in various ways when in the game)
      - fix an issue where a party joining a lobby would not have the entire party make it if the lobby did a host migration
      -and others...

      This is not the only thing we have been doing. It's just something I was personally working on very closely.  Let me be frank with you. I ignore "...you should be doing this and not that" comments and the people who send them.

      We did a ton of work on the game play aspects of First Strike. The Zip Line. Spawn placement. Objective locations. Air kill streak flight paths. Dog and Target Dummy AI pathing. Setting up the playlists. We have many  of those types of things to do when you make new levels. It's a huge, huge list.

      We've added a new feature for competitive LAN/System Link players.  With version 1.06, you will be able to set-up a pre-match timer in LAN games up to 60 seconds. This will allow the host to launch and the clients to join before the game actually starts.

      Of course, we also fixed some bugs like getting primary weapons in Second Chance and the "disconnected path" error in Radiation when using the doors after a host migration.

      The main thing I hope you take away from this week's update is just because I posted in the forums about topic X, or tweeted about topic Y, doesn't mean that is all that is going on around here day in and day out. Lots of stuff is going on. I'm not the only person working here. Frankly, it's just as busy as ever and people are working just as hard as ever.

      I understand some of you might prefer that I tell you more about it, and do so more frequently, but to be perfectly honest about it that takes time away from actually doing it.

      Version 1.06 is a big update and First Strike is a very ambitious downloadable content offering. I am eager to get all of it into your hands and then we will start the process all over again.

      David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar
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