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    XBOX360 Hellz Clan Recruiting + Looking For Clan Battles

      Hello, The Hellz Clan is currently looking to expand it's current population and recruit new players.  Players seeking membership must require both teamwork and communication skills.  Pure skill is worthless without the ability to communicate well with other fellow clan members to achieve a common goal.  We play both against other clans as well as simply going online with a full team.  We play anything from team deathmatch to hardcore capture the flag.  Players will be required to change their gamertag to the appropriate name once accepted.  If you are interested in joining this clan, please join mine (HellzXXKrusadeR) or the clan leader's (HellzXXWarrioR) party or session in progress. If we are unavailable please send a message to the previous stated gamertag(s) stating that you wish to have a shot at joining the Hellz Clan.  

      P.S.  The Hellz Clan is also looking for clan battles against any other clan wishing to fight.  Just join/message us in the game and we can discuss the details.  Thanks!