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        10. Re: Mercenary Playlist
        yes please...

        domination has been my favorite game type since cod4...
        I play by myself %95 of the time and with a mercenary domination I could play my favorite game type by myself...
        "Mercenary Moshpit" on the other hand is not something I would like to see adding things like s&d,CTF ect. in the same playlist because I think it would make it less popular because not everyone likes thous game types..

        if any thing you should have a mercenary domination and a mercenary s&d as those are the most popular objective game types...

        i just would not like to see them together mostily cause s&d is not what it used to be with the adding of stupid kill streaks and other stuff that ruin s&d IMO
        s&d was only good in cod4 and W@W after that it went down hill
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          11. Re: Mercenary Playlist
          I would love to play Mercenary moshpit.

          I never play objective games anymore. You are either paired up with a really coordinated team, or a bunch of 10 year olds that just got back from school.

          The current winners of objective-type games are team with headsets or in the same room. If you make it so that everyone is alone, it'll be more fair to casual players who play alone (majority of COD players, I believe).
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            12. Re: Mercenary Playlist
            I like the idea of more mercenary game modes, however I don't believe any more than domination is really necessary...

            Search and Destroy already has its emphasis on team-based gameplay and obviously you (Treyarch) agree because... well you force us to use game chat.  So I doubt mercenary is necessary, however only having TDM is so limiting, at the most add domination and include a mercenary moshpit just to include others such as demolition and headquarters, if that is unreasonable, then only go with domination.
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              13. Re: Mercenary Playlist
              Meh. I really don't see the need for it. I only go Merc. when the game's been out for a year and you don;t want to be put in the same TDM lobby that was just hacked/losing ridiculously/etc.

              There are bigger fish to fry.
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                14. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                I really like the idea of Mercenary Domination.  I'm not so sure about moshpit, it depends on what will be included.  I would say yes to sabotoge and headquarters, but no to S&D and CTF.  S&D and CTF might be difficult with a bunch of solo players. 

                I play Mercenary about 30% of the time and the rest of my time is spent in a mix between TDM and Ground War with my friends.
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                  15. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                  I would love to see Domination and SnD. Also TDM. Headquarters and Demolition should be in too. Thats what I want in Mercenery Moshpit playlist.   Thumbs up to Vahn and his crew for such a nice game 
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                    16. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                    Would Mercenary Mosh Pit be limited to 8 players (4 vs. 4)? If so, then please don't do it or consider having a total number of 12 players (6 vs. 6).

                    As for the game modes included in Mercenary Mosh Pit, personally I couldn't care less about SnD and I'm not sure this game mode should have it's place in the playlist.
                    Domination however, as well as Demolition and/or Headquarters, would make a lot of people (like myself) very happy. 
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                      17. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                      Regular lone player here.

                      Domination - Absolutely. Great idea. Can't wait.

                      CTF, Demolition, HQ etc. - Hmm, OK, if you must.

                      S&D - No thanks. This game mode is much better suited to true party/clan play anyway IMO, so leave it out of Moshpit. Plus, you've got a better chance of falling in with randoms who know what they're doing with S&D than any other mode. Sorry, but as lone player, if it's included in Moshpit, I'll be bailing out every time S&D comes up.

                      Just my 2¢
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                        18. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                        Dear David,

                        I would appreciate this game mode as i have irregular working hours, sometimes I have to play by myself.

                        I prefer objective game modes over TDM or FFA.

                        If i joined a Demolition, SnD or headquarters game I would most likely be annihilated.

                        It would be good to have a mostpit with Demolition, Headquarters, Domination and possibly Search and destroy and maybe sabotage.

                        Adding CTF in my opinion would be a bit useless as i dont see many parties in that game mode anyways and CTF would probably never get voted on. Its more of a marathon pro game mode.
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                          19. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                          We have a Core playlist with all the game modes. I want a Mercenary playlist with all the game modes, a Hardcore playlist with all the game modes and a Barebones playlist with all the game modes. I want this so I can say; 'I'm gonna play Domination, but should I play it Core, Mercenary Core, Hardcore or Barebones (and maybe even Mercenary Hardcore)'.
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