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        20. Re: Mercenary Playlist
        I don't think you should get rid of the regular Mercenary TDM because it is one of the most played game modes. Adding a mercenary objective only mosh pit would be a fantastic idea though and it is something that I have always wanted.

        Most people play TDM only and I don't think it would go over well with a lot of people if they couldn't play Mercenary TDM anymore.
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          21. Re: Mercenary Playlist
          if you include all objective game modes, people will constantly back out, because they don't like the upcoming game mode.

          Also, allow friends to join in. It's a lot of fun to play AGAINST your friends, I always enjoy it when they join and are teamed up against me.

          my vote:

          TDM + DOM (+ a third if you must)
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            22. Re: Mercenary Playlist
            I would say to def include demo.  Im mw2 demo was just as popular as dom, and even now, also I feel demo takes the most teamwork ie  "hes planting" "defusing cover me" "lets go a first"  "well guard b u guys take a"  "there coming from behind" and callouts are essential, ie when a team is ready to plant or defuse the setup involves making sure to eliminate all the people next to the bomb, having to call out specific locations. There is  simply more need for mercenary demo than any other game mode because you basically have 2 teams and 2 sides of the map, both teams are rushing towards eachother creating more action, while other game modes the players are spread around the entire map. 

            This means  players not properly called out can wreak the most havok in this game mode, and if a team is holding strong defensively part of the offensive team can be instructed to flank etc.  In other game modes like HQ and dom the objectives are spread around the entire map and change constantly where teams dont stick close together tend to rely on instinct rather than communication, where as in demo a team is more likely to travel in a pack and work together.

            We know there are more kills and deaths in demo than any other mode, the fact that there is more action in this game mode means all the more need for callouts, since players holding the defensive ground or offensive players preparing to set up need to be called out so they cant setup a successful plant or to be able to defuse/defend.  Also demo more than any other game mode where full parties setup spawn traps, making for many lopsided games since randoms find it much more difficult to do so, in a mercenary demolition the spawn trapping would be more evenly distributed between both teams.
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              23. Re: Mercenary Playlist
              I think it would be a good idea to just make a moshpit out of it same as team tactical...That way no one would complain about what is or what is not in it..As it would have some of everything...And i assume you would be able to vote on certain maps containing different game modes thus having some degree of control over the game modes you would be playing.
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                24. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                Yeah to make it the same as team tactical would be the best, that would be fun, having it only be dom would be unfair to all those who play by themselves alot who prefer (as i do) demo/ctf sabotage etc.
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                  25. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                  Mercenary Mosh Pit is a really good idea but don't replace MTDM for it.

                  There won't be a lot of people who are going for objectives. Too many people are killwhoring and not doing anything for the team which will be pretty hard to win the game when half the team is just trying to farm kills and stuff.

                  So if possible, please let MTDM in the game and make a new Merc Mosh Pit Playlist.
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                    26. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                    This would be great , im fed up of playing alone against stacked partys when my friends are offline
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                      27. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                      Any additions to the game are always welcome from me. This would be another great idea. But not at the expense of losing MTDM. If I read your post correctly, you're contemplating "replacing" MTDM with merc moshpit.

                      When I'm playing alone, I usually play TDM. I don't want to have to cycle through a bunch of different game modes just to play that. If you're going to replace MTDM with Merc Mosh Pit , please reconsider.
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                        28. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                        I think mercenary moshpit would be great but maybe along side Mercenary TDM because alot of people play that gamemode so you may upset more people than making more people happy. I would also like to see moshpit added to the core playlist so partys can also play this game mode and if your worried about the players being spread to much get rid of the map pack playlist in a week or so as they come up enough in the ordinary playlist to keep me happy they will be no need in having the map pack playlist till the next map pack.

                        Also in future games i think it would be a nice little feature to have more search prefrences and adding a mercenary option would be great as then the people that are bothered about playing against partys can simple turn the mercenary option on and play which ever gametype they want and also means you will have less playlist as there would be no need for mercenary playlists
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                          29. Re: Mercenary Playlist
                          I would love Merc Moshpit.  Its all I would play.

                          As far as objective game modes, I enjoy them all except Sabo.  I would still stay in the lobby if that came up.

                          I do agree you might consider keeping Merc TDM as I think a lot of the people in there won't do objective games.
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