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    DgAf Clan is recruiting on PS3

      DgAf (Don't give A ...) is a new clan that is actively recruiting on PS3.  The thing that sets us apart from other clans is the fact that we set out to do exactly what we want and that is play a GAME.  We're competitive in every aspect but we don't have a bunch of requirements to get in because it's about growing and getting better together.  The only thing we ask is for a KD of at least .80 and you'll definitely get better with the right communication.  The only private matches we do are the friendly clan battles we participate in and we practice on the boards...the rest is history...If you're interested, then add me on PSN: Just_Reese
      If you dont have a headset: we DgAf
      If your win/loss ratio is bad: we DgAf
      If you're a little young and have a bedtime: we DgAf
      If you can't be on 7 days a week: we DgAf
      The only thing i ask is that you not have an offensive emblem because we do have a variety of ages in the clan