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    petition to learn the search button

      Well since this will be on page 20 in 5 min. here it goes ! Somebody needs to teach the people on this forum how to use a search bar !!!! Every time somebody on this forum has an idea they just post a new thread, thats not how a forum is supposed to work ! You wonder why the devs are not here, it's because they could'nt find a subject to respond to because this forum is soooo flooded with the same **** over and over and over, the first 20 pages are about the same 3 things ! If you people would find a thread that is already posted somewhere in the forum by using the search bar then poating your thoughts on said subject in there then that pops it back to page 1 and there for you have a much cleaner forum, so use the search bar before you post ! ( i know this will get no where because i'm sure in the time it took me to write this there are already 5 new topics on the front page, this to will be barried in the next 5 minutes ) Just my thoughts on a very disorganized forum. (but it's cod what are you supposed to expect)