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    Just already stop complaining.

      It is waste. Yes, I complained the **** out of these forums, but I understand that it makes no sense.
      It won't change anything if you write a petition to remove *insert Famas here*, it won't change anything if you say Treyarch suck and you're leaving.
      They have their money and that's it.
      You're not alone guys, I'm with you, we all know that Black Ops is boring, or at least not as entertaining as MW2. But it's a thing that we can't change. There are to many factors that makes this game that boring, so it's impossible to change them. The game had good ideas but some steps that Treyarch were going are to rash.

      Just quite complaining and leave this forum alone, untill everybody understand how bad this game really is.

      I just complained about complainers, ****.