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    GOD Mode = ON

      I got God mode for 1.30 mins..  I jumped into a friends HCHQ game on Nuketown, (onto loosing team of course) they had a CG out,

      I had a GP class with a Silenced Enfield, SOH and a Law ( forgetting I had a M60 with a Strela )   I hit the Law, then dumped the Enfield into it.
      ran out and tried to kill myself witha Frag and Didn't die. ( I though, dam I guess I have a FJ On..)

      then I tried to pick up a gun, cant, ( seen that before too I think, rare though )  So then I go into the yellow house, tried to find another gun
      nothing, then out on the left side, a guy gets shot in front of me, and is in last stand, cant revive him, Ok.

      then my friend on the other team comes around the corner, dumps a few rounds into me then continues, thinking
      he killed me.. nope, then his buddy is there, he knifes me, I knife him. then I head to the HQ, a guy shoots a couple
      rounds or hits me PB with a tube then drops and I knife him.  

      then I'm at the end of the bus and they hit me from all sides and you can see blood coming out of my upper thigh
      but I still live and the game ends.  ( wish I could joined in sooner )

      Then my buddy gets on the IM and tells me their gonna report me, and I said "wait a second" I didn't do anything,
      wasn't my fault.

      You can add me as a friend if you want an check out my fileshare, theres a short clip in the first positon
      and the game is in the Last Position, - Nuketown, 2-0 ( bummer.. Oh well )
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          Re: GOD Mode = ON
          You should have left sooner. When they report you, you will get a ban for this. It is a known glitch and you took advantage of it by killing the enemy and not leaving the game.
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            Re: GOD Mode = ON
            it didn't even cross my mind thats what happened till they tried killing me after I killed the 2nd guy.
            which at that point I would've either sat in a corner or left the game.

            all i knew was I couldn't pick up a gun, and I thought I still had FJ on and was getting lucky.

            the 2 kills didn't change the outcome of the game, I might've got a defend out of it but that's all.
            Didn't even take down the choppa!!

            I've heard of it, once early on but didn't think that's what was happening as I thought it was patched.
            I've joined a game with CG's out before and never had that happen, I always got killed or took down the chopper.

            Look at the footage, I tried to kill myself with a frag after emptying my Enfield, tried to pick up a gun and couldnt'
            and continued to try even after knifing the first guy, I had no idea untill there were 3 guys dumping
            rounds into me at the end.

            Yea.. i'm on here trolling during the week but haven't seen much on this and so it wasn't exactly "fresh" on the brain
            as to the hows and whys and what to look for, else I would've left or sat after I couldn't pick up a gun and kill my self
            with a frag. ( which I do alot at early levels when I dont have the Strela or FJ on)

            I let a few of my "respectable" friends know so they can be on the look out too..
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