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        20. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??
        it takes 20+ bullets to kill someone in core?? like i said in the post, your aim is horrible. to ran kismet, ive already given you my gamertag before, and welcomed you to play against me, and you didnt invt or msg. all of you think that i get raped in hardcore?? wrong. very wrong. i went 31-0 on discovery sniping with a wa2000 silenced about 2 months ago.  i did not put it in my file share because i have better clips than that. i will challenge any of you who think i am weak, or a puss or whatever. my gt is bewareof94  my stats arent amazing, im not a pro, but ill probably whoop the majority of folks who are talkin smack in this 4rum. im not scared or worried about losing a 1v1 to you folks. i would put my money on me if i could.

        by the way mr kismet: i thought you loved the famas?? last time i saw you on the forums you were defending it like it was your wife, or favorite uncle. its probly your fav weapon. i would bet it is. if not i would venture to guess it would be the galil or m16. i thought you liked weapon variety?? my favorite weapon would happen to be the spas12. over 10000 kills with it.  and am proud of that. im the only person ive seen so far with that many shotgun kills. i would love for you and i to play a game so i could smack your little smartass around. you think youre almighty with your harvard grammar. you dont mean squat to me. you can read all the books in the world, but if you think that smartass **** will fly when you try insulting people face to face, youve got another thing coming

        whatever people, ive given my gt out before, and guess what?? no challenges. so quit thinking im scared mr bucking bronco. you can kma too
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          21. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??
          it doesnt take an entire clip to kill someone.. it doesnt take an entire clip to kill someone.. it doesnt take an entire clip to kill someone... it doesnt take an entire clip to kill someone..

          how many of you have said that so far?? not counting but i think i saw it atleast five times in the replies so far. like i said in the beginning, if you know how to aim; it only takes a few bullets to kill. sometimes someone may be moving left to right and you might use a clip to kill them, but thats the minority, not the majority. you guys just arent very good at aiming accurately, quickly. thats why you lean on the crutch of 1 shot kills every time. even IF its a shot to the foot. come on... youre not fooling anybody. your aim is crap, your reaction time probly isnt great, so you depend on camping to surprise your enemy, then shoot them in the foot or hand since youre not accurate enough to land a shot in the chest quickly. oh well sorry if i pissed you guys off. im just stating the obvious. and like i said before, the main beef i have w hardcore is the killstreaks killing teammates and no ricochet. I also said in the beginning that i used to only play hardcore. especially on mw2. hardcore hq on that game was a blast. but not on this one. it really pisses me off when im 40-10 and get booted for team killing when a teammate runs in front of me while im shooting or runs where i threw a grenade.
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            22. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??

            deathbybisp wrote:


            Ok, i used to play hard core all the time, i actually went from core, to hardcore on WAW. but ive gotten tired of several things with that game type. Here's some reasons that i believe that alot of folks play hardcore...
            1.your aim is bad
            2. you like to hide alot (camp and wait)
            3. your aim is bad
            4. you like to hide alot

            5. you think that the name "hardcore" makes you cool
            6. your aim is bad and you like to hide alot
            7. you dont get alot of killstreaks cuz you are a scrub, so no ricochet doesn't bother you; since you dont get any other killstreaks besides spy plane, care package, black bird. and the occasional doggies.
            8. you actually enjoy killing your teammates if they raped you the game before when you were on the other team. WOW!!
            9. you think its more realistic (until some douchebag kills you in second chance)
            10. you think every gun or perk is overpowered, so you should play this mode since you can snipe someone from across the map with an ak74u (totally unrealistic)
            my question to all you folks who think its more realistic is: have you ever shot a fully automatic gun?? probly not. cuz there is no possible way you can spray accurately with a weapon on fully auto, unless its a .22 cal bullet. even real military vets that i know who play this game have run a m60 in real life, and ALL of them have said that theres no way that they could spray accurately in (real life) with any weapon on this game. military guns and personnel will burst fire 98% of the time. so guess what? hardcore is not more realistic. its for scrubs who cant shoot accurately, and have to camp to get good killstreaks. end of story

            (to clarify my hate of hardcore id like to say that camping is my main issue with the mode, as well as some kid who cant hardly even aim their gun, hit me in the leg and kill me while i was just about to blast them in the chest with spot-on aiming. the other would be getting booted for killstreaks killing teammates)

            It seems to me like your main beef is because of camping and people that camp aim...if that were the case it should be easy kills.  If your main beef really is about getting kicked because you team kill with your killstreaks then dont use killstreaks that can teamkill until you learn how to use them correctly 
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              23. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??
              Op, you are now forever branded as a troll.  Congrats!!
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                24. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??

                Boondocks_Saint wrote:


                Croutonlol wrote:


                There are a number of reasons I play Hardcore exclusively:

                #1, When I snipe I like to kill my target when I hit them
                #2. I'd prefer not to use all of my ammunition killing 2-3 people
                #3. The realism is appealing to me
                #4. It feels more like a chess match and you have to be spot on with your aim and know exactly where you are going when you move.

                There are many more reasons, but these are the core reasons why I like hardcore.
                I'm not sure why the OP is so angry with Hardcore but I figure I'd answer the question anyhow.

                  he claims that he hates "Campers"...  my guess is that he isn't good enough at the game to counter a camper..

                bring it on boondock. talk smack, now you need to back it up!!
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                  25. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??

                  BigBronco666 wrote:


                  Op, you are now forever branded as a troll.  Congrats!!

                  you should be forever branded as a beach!  you talk smack about someone you dont even know?? troll?? plz enlighten me oh wise one. plz. i would love how you could explain how im a troll when youre the one who talked shtt in the first place. twenty bucks says i make you my beach
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                    26. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??
                    I perfer Hardcore,I like having a Silencer/Supperasor and still do the same Damage!
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                      27. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??
                      The reason i went to hardcore is i got tired of being picked on. I ran solo for a while. Really sucks running into a group of people, getting the jump on them just to get 1 kill and getting plowed by his buddies, Or shooting someone in the face only to be knifed. Another reason i like Hardcore more is the fact that i can branch out on classes and weapons. This is the most fun i have ever had playing this game.  Every few days i pick a new weapon i neglected before and see if i can put it to use. Nothing like running around with dual wielding  Skorpions. I just wish they would offer more game modes for variety in hardcore. That's whole another thread that has already been posted though.
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                        28. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??
                        Your a flamer and a moron lol. All im going to say.
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                          29. Re: why do you prefer hardcore??
                          I agree with you that I think ricochet should be set up in hardcore at least as another option, stopping kids joining games and team killing because it's funny, stop getting killed becuase I clear out a room where a camper has been to then be killed by my own teams grenade and killing me for my mistakes with an extended respawn time rather than a team member.

                          I think you're argument against hardcore is flawed due to the fact that you're very angry about it and decide to attack everyone who plays it therefore anything you've got to say is dismissable for you''re generalisations previously made.

                          Some good points, really badly made.
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